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February 3, 2023

Senate Speaker on Sova case: Utmost celerity when Prosecutor General’s request reaches Senate

Senate Chairman Calin Popescu-Tariceanu says the request for the approval of the remanding and pre-trial detention of senator Dan Sova has not been sent to the Senate yet, but as soon as it reaches the chamber it will be considered with utmost celerity.

Chief prosecutor of the National Anti-Corruption Directorate (DNA) Laura Codruta Kovesi requested Prosecutor  General Tiberiu Nitu on Friday to notify the Senate about a request for the approval of the remanding and pre-trial detention of Senator Dan Sova in relation to three counts of complicity to office abuse in a court case regarding corruption at the Turceni and Rovinari energy corporations.

According to Agerpres, Tariceanu  pointed out that the Senate’s Standing Bureau will consider the matter on Monday, while forwarding the requests and related documents to the lawyer senators for an opinion.

“The request has not arrived yet. (…) The request will probably arrive officially today or on Monday, at the latest, because it has to follow certain steps. (…) As soon as the request reaches the Senate, it will be considered with utmost celerity. Consequently, if it arrives today, the Standing Bureau will consider the request at a meeting next week. As is usually the case, the request accompanied by the related files will be forwarded to the Judiciary Committee, which has to come up with an opinion. Later on, the chamber will convene in a plenary session to decide whether or not to allow the remand and pre-trial detention,” Tariceanu said Friday at the Senate House.

He also explained that the Judiciary Committee will have to analyse and weigh the request and the related documents coming from the judiciary with utmost responsibility, but without any pressure.

“I believe that in such instances, when it is about a request of such gravity, namely remand and pre-trial detention, no decision should be made on the spot and perfunctorily. The request should be analysed and weighed in so that the administrative procedure may be conducted fast forward, but when it comes to the analysis the Judiciary Committee has to make, I believe its analyses and weighing of documents should be conducted with utmost responsibility and with no pressure,” said Tariceanu.

He added that each request from the judiciary is analysed individually and decisions are not made according to the persons involved, but according to case substance.

“We are judging on a case-by-case basis. We are not embracing the idea a spewing up decisions or making pre-established decisions that follow other criteria. As you could have already seen, the request for the commencement of the prosecution of Senator Ariton was different from the request for prosecuting Senator Vosganian. When corruption accusations were involved, the Senate did not hesitate and voted for. When something else was involved, something that the Prosecution Service is not entitled to investigate, namely political decisions, the Senate voted against. So, it is not about persons, but about case substance,” said Tariceanu.



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