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December 6, 2021

Suspected of illegal transaction from her personal accounts, before being arrested in the Microsoft file, Udrea says transaction is legal

Elena Udrea, accused of money laundering in the Microsoft file, is suspected by the National Office for Combating Money Laundering that she was attempting to withdraw consistent sums of money from her personal account after she was placed under legal control at the end of January 2015, Romania TV announced. Moreover, the name of former President Traian Basescu also appeared in the Microsoft file, said the same source. Former Communication Minister Gabriel Sandu had denounced the ex-President as well.

Prosecutors declared that Elena Udrea allegedly attempted to launder money by means of the company that was managing the farm at Nana, Romania TV further reported. According to investigators, Elena Udrea withdrew from her personal accounts almost EUR 500,000, and moved them in the accounts of the company Agro Green Nana. It all happened in  February 2015, when Elena Udrea was on probation in the Microsoft Case.

“The document issued by the National Office for Combating represents a notification dated February 13, 2015. The content of the actions mentioned in the notification – money withdrawal from the personal account and transfer to the account of Agro Green Nana SRL, in February 2015. The sum supposed to be laundered is approximately EUR 487,000”, Elena Udrea’s arrest report shows, as quoted by Romania TV.

Investigators claim that they have clues that the respective money came from Dinu Pescariu, who allegedly mentioned in a denunciation having founded an offshore especially to forward money to the former Minister.

“Dinu Pescariu submitted a document regarding the foundation of a company, Streampoint Management, with a capital of USD 100, destined to intermediate the forwarding of certain sums of money in tranches”, the DNA report showed.

According to the DNA report in the Microsoft file, Elena Udrea and her former husband, businessman Dorin Cocos, dissimulated the bribe they received for attributing the IT by selling and buying several real estate properties. Thus, they tried to hide illegally acquired money”.

“It was established that, during 2009 – 2013, Cocos Dorin and Udrea Elena Gabriela sold and and respectively purchased several real estate properties and there are clues showing that they represented ways to dissimulate the provenience of money sums and of the financial circuit. Therefore, by selling and purchasing real estate properties, granting loans to SC Clamari Trading Impex SRL and respectively the renewal of the EUR 3,297,000 credit from BRD, Udrea Elena Gabriela made operations specific to money laundering offences”, the prosecutors of the National Anti-Corruption Directorate showed in a report including the proposal to arrest Elena Udrea.

Moreover, the partition deed signed by Cocos and Udrea on June 10, 2013, shows that, at the time of this transaction, both the sum of 540,045 due to be paid to Calamari Trading Impex SRL and the loan of EUR 500.000 requested from Dinu Pescariu and due in 2021 were accounted as common debt”, the DNA prosecutors further noted.

“Both loans were on defendant Dorin Cocos’ name. The quantum of the sum borrowed from Pescariu Dinu Mihail, declared at the partition is different than the one in the receipts found in thr home search performed at Pescariu Dinu Mihail’s office, which falsely stipulates that, before the partition, on June 10, 2013, the sum of EUR 100.000 was paid back, investigators declared.

Most real estate properties purchased during 2009 – 2013 and most money in the accounts ended up in Elena Udrea’s possesion, the partition deed shows. Moreover, there is a sum of EUR 2,000,000 Cocos was supposed to pay Udrea.

“Discussions with Cocos Dorin and Pescariu Dinu Mihail revealed that defendant Cocos Dorin had demanded the latter the antedated receipts despite realizing that it represented fraud, that Udrea Elena Gabriela was aware of Cocos Dorin’s actions destined to dissimulate undeserved benefits received”, prosecutors reported on the manner both husband and wife tried to hide the bribe received at the signing of the Microsoft contract.


Basescu’s name appears in the Microsoft file, Gabriel Sandu denounces the former President


Traian Basescu’s name appeared in the Microsoft file, as a new denunciation was made in this case by former Communications Minister  Gabriel Sandu.

According to Romania TV, Gabriel Sandu complained that President Traian Basescu forbade Valerian Vreme to meet him.

“Valerian Vreme told me that he had discussed with President Traian Basescu, and Basescu forbade him to see me in other circumstances than “a cup of coffee on Sunday”. I stood up, I apologized and I left. (…) I was also told that both George Scripcaru, President of PDL Brasov, and Elena Udrea hate me and want me to vanish from the party”, Sandu declared in front of prosecutors.

“I met Claudiu Florica, and our discussions revealed a scenario that he could open some offshore companies out of the commissions received from Microsoft and transfer some money to me, and that money would help me pay my electoral contributions in the benefit of PDL and of the President”, the former Minister said according to Romania TV.

Besides, Gabriel Sandu denounced PDL leaders of that time, Emil Boc, Vasile Blaga, Radu Berceanu and Adriean Videanu:

“After discussions with Prime Minister Emil Boc, Elena Udrea, Gheorghe Gherghina, I managed to gain all signatures required to start the auction decided by Government Decree no. 460 / 2009.

“All expenses were demanded; ordered, actually at the permanent pressure of PDL leadership, respectively Emil Boc, Elena Udrea, Vasile Blaga, Adriean Videanu, Radu Berceanu, Roberta Anastase, Alin Albu, Gheorghe Stefan, and assuming these payments was the condition I had to accept in order to be maintained Communications Minister”.


Udrea’s ommunication team:  Transaction invoked is absolutely legal


In a message posted on Facebook on Thursday, Elena Udrea’s “communication team” offered some clarifications about the document made public after the start of the DNA investigation, a document that forms the basis of speculations that Elena Udrea allegedly committed “money laundering.”

1.            The document is the result of a DNA request filed to the National Office for Combating Money Laundering, which came at the moment when the first arrest was ordered and at the moment of the appeal.

2.            The transaction invoked is absolutely legal. Elena Udrea loaned her own company, a perfectly legal and usual thing.

3.            The sum is RON 487,000, not EUR 487,000.

4.            The judges in the Microsoft case did not consider this accusation real, ordering house arrest. Basically the accusation turned out to be baseless and the High Court rejected it.

5.            There is no connection between Pescariu’s alleged offshore and any transaction toward Elena Udrea. Least of all this. We are only dealing with a stupid juxtaposition of some elements invoked in the case,” the Facebook post signed by Elena Udrea’s communication team reads.










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