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October 19, 2021

DNA: Finance Minister Darius Valcov placed under criminal prosecution for influence peddling during mayoral term

The National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA) on Friday evening announced the decision to initiate the criminal prosecution procedure in the case of Finance Minister Darius Valcov, for influence peddling in his capacity as Mayor of Slatina Municipality.

“In 2009, a businessman,  administrator of a company contacted Darius Valcov, in his Mayor capacity, whom he proposed, in exchange for the support in influencing the decision-making factors within the contract signing authority, for winning some tenders for works on objectives located in the Municipality of Slatina, the towns of Scornicesti, Piatra Olt and Draganesti, the payment of 20 per cent of the value of the collected amounts (VAT excluded), according to the execution contracts of the works in question,” a DNA release remitted to Agerpres reads.

The DNA shows that the body of evidence in the case reveals that, following the understanding with the businessman, Darius Valcov received in the period 2010-2013 approximately 2 million euros, part of the amount having been received directly, in cash, and the amount of 2,480,000 lei was received through some companies.


Slatina Mayor Mirel Prina detained by DNA, in Minister Valcov case


Minel Prina, Slatina Municipality Mayor, was detained on Saturday by National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA) prosecutors for 24 hours, being charged with collusion to influence peddling, in the case in which Finance Minister Darius Valcov was placed under criminal prosecution for influence peddling while in Slatina Mayor office.


PM Ponta: Minister Valcov had and will have deciding role in Tax Code, project goes further


Prime Minister Victor Ponta on Saturday gave guarantees that the Tax Code project “in which Darius Valcov had and will have a deciding role” will go further “at any cost and in any political context.”

“The most important project of the Government in 2015 is the Tax Code (in which Darius Valcov had and will have a deciding role!). I want to give guarantees to everyone that this project goes further, at any cost and in any political context! The economic development of the country is directly linked to the adoption and implementing of this new Code, which can be done due to the labour of the people in this country and to the results of the governance of 2012-2015!,” Ponta wrote on his Facebook page Saturday morning.


PNL’s Gorghiu asks for Valcov’s resignation


National Liberal Party (PNL) co-chairperson Alina Gorghiu in Timisoara on Saturday asked the resignation of Public Finance Minister Darius Valcov, arguing that the country’s finance cannot be managed by a person suspected of corruption acts.

“From the jurist point of view, I respect the presumption of innocence, but, at the same time, as Romania’s citizen, I believe we should, however, insist on the presumption of competence and credibility, which each member of a Cabinet – Ponta today – , must have (…) I believe that the country’s finance cannot be managed by a person suspected of having committed corruption acts, even if he enjoys the presumption of innocence, which I respect,” Gorghiu said.

The Liberals’ leader quoted from the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism (CVM) Report of 2013 that “it is essential for the credibility of a government that the persons with ministerial offices enjoy the public’s confidence.”

“Moreover, the Finance Minister is Romania’s representative in the relations with the foreign creditors and I believe we cannot afford such a deficit of credibility when negotiating with the foreign partners. (…) I am asking Minister Darius Valcov the resignation. Not because I believe he is guilty, this is to be established by justice, but because it is not natural that in a serious democracy and state we have a minister suspected of corruption acts at the Finance Ministry and in front of the foreign partners,” Alina Gorghiu said in Timisoara, where she attended a debate organised by PNL Timis on the topic of successful women in politics.




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