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January 23, 2021

Day of Hungarians Everywhere: UDMR leader Kelemen Hunor booed at Sfatu Gheorghe, MEP Tokes expressed hope in Oradea in restoration of social unity

The Hungarian Democrat Union of Romania (UDMR) chairman, Kelemen Hunor, who on Sunday has participated in the events organised in the Sfantu Gheorghe municipality on the Day of Hungarians Everywhere was booed by the crowd and called “traitor” by a part of the participants.

Kelemen Hunor said the freedom of speech is an attribute of democracy.

“This is why we have fought on March 15 1848 and in (December) 1989 and this how it should be also in the moments when people protest even against the politicians. This is democracy, period,” said Kelemen Hunor quoted by Agerpres.

The mayor of  Sfantu Gheorghe, Antal Arpad, who is also the UDMR local organisation’s head said that he sees the attitude of the participants as “an important signal” for the Bucharest authorities, too.

“There are probably some members of the Hungarian community, who would like that the Hungarian leaders, among whom me and Mr. Kelemen Hunor and others, too to militate stronger for autonomy. I believe it’s a very important signal for Bucharest what has happened today, here, in Sfantu Gheorghe,” Antal Arpad said.

The events organised on Sunday in Sfantu Gheorghe on the Day of Hungarians Everywhere were partaken by thousands of people who held two large flags on the city’s streets, one of the Szecklers and one of Hungary.

Guests from Hungary and Voivodina, Serbia participated in the events, and the message sent by Hungarian Prime minister Viktor Orban was hailed with applause by the audience. The event ended, according to the tradition, with the Hungarian anthem and the Szecklers’ anthem, too.


MEP Tokes: Communists have divided us, hopefully we could restore a certain social unity


Eurodeputy Tokes Laszlo said on Sunday, in northwestern Oradea that he hoped in a restoration of the social unity, because after the December 1989 events the Romanian society has been divided, Agerpres reports.

“The communists have divided us. It is rather fatal that in 1990, a week after the Manifesto of Timisoara emerged the inter-ethnic conflict at Targu Mures occurred, an instigation by the Securitate political police and after a few months, the miners’ riot took place in Bucharest. They have whet various social categories, the various ethnic communities, respectively, and because of this the unity which had characterised in 1989 has been broken. Hopefully, this time as we are glad for (president) Klaus Iohannis, we could restore some social unity,” said Tokes.

Answering a question, Tokes said there are two separate manifestations of the Hungarians and said this division of the society has harmed the Hungarian community, too in particular at the Hungarian Democrat Union of Romania (UDMR) leaders’ level.

“There is a PSD (Social-Democratic) wing of the Hungarians, the people is not PSD, it is misled. They’ve disunited us. Separation comes from Bucharest through our Hungarians. (…) The electors are misled by the Hungarian PSD. But we hope that, as things went in 1848 (Hungarian Revolution), and 1989, respectively, we will succeed to come to an understanding between these groups and rule out, in the spirit of the Manifesto of Timisoara, the former communists and spies or traitors who still exist in the amidst of the Church, in the amidst of our organisations, in all of the Romanian society, in general,” said Tokes.

His main message delivered in the event in front of the statue of Szacsvay Imre, on the occasion of the Day of March 15 – the Day of Hungarians Everywhere – was a message for the acquiring of collective minority rights.

“I remember that 25 years ago, Virgil Magureanu (former Romanian Intelligence Service head) was coming to me, to my episcopal house. We have never made it yet to have the full right to celebration. This time, we are fighting on a symbols’ level. We fight for those anticommunist ideals, for inter-ethnic tolerance included in the Timisoara Manifesto, and we could not rest until we succeed to accomplish these noble goals,” Tokes concluded.


Laszlo Tokes signed the Proclamation of Timisoara, 25 years after launching it


MEP Laszlo Tokes, considered the lead character that determined the start of the Revolution in December 1989, signed on Saturday, at the headquarters of the Timisoara Society, the Proclamation of Timisoara, a quarter of a century after launching it, and declared that, even after 25 years, the Proclamation is still valid.

“The Proclamation is terribly valid, unfortunately and 25 years after launching it, we must continue this struggle against Communism. It is true that in my personal case, the focus moved from the struggle against Communism to the struggle for Hungarians’ national interests. We, as a minority community, suffered twice as much Communist oppression in Ceausescu’s time and respectively in the anti-Communist time but it does not mean that I am not involved and I am not supporting the anti-Communist fight. (…) I appreciate that the members of the Timisoara Society are persistent in their struggle against Communism, throughout all of these years!”, Tokes declared.

The President of the Timisoara Society, Florian Mihalcea, demanded the condemnation of communism from behalf of the European Parliament and the instauration of a Court to analyze the crimes of communism.

“We, just like Mr. Tokes Laszlo, wish for two things we were still unable to achieve: a condemnation of communism by the European Parliament and the instauration of a European Court to analyze the crimes of Communism in all countries of Eastern Europe, which are now members of the EU”, Florian Mihalcea declared.

On March 11, it was the anniversary of 25 years since the launch of the Proclamation in Timisoara. The document was read by writer and journalist George Serban from the Opera balcony, in front of 15,000 people. The eighth paragraph of the Proclamation, the most important of all, that proposed banning former members of the Romanian Communist Party from owning public positions, was never applied.




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