Geoana on bribe-taking subject: I am not going to pretend innocence, when you are in important positions the temptation is there

Invited to Digi24 TV on Sunday, ex-Foreign Minister and former presidential candidate in 2009 Mircea Geoana was asked if he had ever been offered bribe. ‘I am not going to pretend innocence, when you are in important positions the temptation is there’, Mircea Geoana answered during the ‘Superjurnal’ TV show hosted by actor Toni Grecu.

‘I am not going to pretend innocence, for the temptation is there. When one is in very important positions, they inevitably come your way, and not necessarily because you cause that. But people do come and ask you: <Sir, are we going to do business?>, <Help me out with this>. Please do not tell me you don’t like receiving two bottles of wine when you receive a visit. It is at that point that the alarm button steppes in, a button that someone places in your head – the parents, in my case. The temptation is very big in that moment, you know. It’s just a small step and then you wake up in the situation where many politicians are now. I would like to say one thing, since you mentioned America – I lived there for some years – but also in Germany, France, England – there, too, a politician is exposed to the temptation of the cake by the nature of his position. The bigger the economy, the bigger the cake is. In our case, the cake is smaller’, Mircea Geoana said.

The politician also said that corruption exists in all countries. ‘The question is if corruption is in an acceptable area. I do not mean to say that corruption is acceptable’. ‘You mean you don’t just grab the whole cake’ – said Toni Grecu. ‘No, just cut a slice off the outer edge’, M. Geoana answered.



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