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January 23, 2022

PSD’s Ponta: Vanghelie has many faults, but he is clever, he knows DNA file is not from me

Prime Minister Victor Ponta of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) says the statement that he would be controlling the National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA) is a gross infamy, pointing out that Marian Vanghelie, although he has many faults, knows the court case in which he is implicated was not from him.

‘I believe someone has to be either very contemptible or very much devoid of intelligence to claim on a television channel that Ponta is controlling DNA and builds court cases. So strong is my control over DNA that my brother-in-law and the finance minister are both being prosecuted! It is either being contemptible or being very stupid. In the instance I have in mind I believe it is gross infamy. How could I control DNA? (…) To be clear whom I mean and whom I do not mean, I say Marian Vanghelie has many faults, but he is nonetheless a smart guy. He knows the case is not of my making, because even if I had wanted it, I could have not done it. He followed his adviser’s lead,’ Ponta told the B1 TV private broadcaster on Sunday evening.

He added that he had no conflicts with Vanghelie’s partner Oana Niculescu Mizil.

‘I can understand that people in desperate situations are upset with everyone,’ said Ponta.


Sova case: General recommendation is for PSD to vote for immunity lifting


Prime Minister Victor Ponta told B1 TV private television broadcaster on Sunday that the general recommendation inside the Social Democratic Party (PSD) is to vote in favour of the requests coming from justice in the case of Parliament members. ‘Our recommendation has always been to vote in favour, but beyond the recommendation people have their own minds, they are not robots. It is a general recommendation,’ Ponta said, when asked how the PSD Senators would vote in regards with the request on the approval of the detention and preventive arrest of Senator Dan Sova. He said he had a collaboration contract with Dan Sova’s law firm, as criminal law lawyer.

‘I was never part of Mr Sova’s law firm,’ the Prime Minister said. Moreover, Ponta denied having been part of an investigation commission in Turceni -Rovinari Energy Complex.

He also pointed out he doesn’t regret the decision to welcome Dan Sova back to the PSD


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