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October 28, 2021

Radu Mazare, arrested for 24 hours. The Mayor of Constanta leaves the DNA headquarters wearing handcuffs.

The Mayor of Constanta, Radu Mazare, was arrested for 24 hours by the National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA) prosecutors.

Mayor Radu Mazare was brought out from the headquarters of DNA wearing handcuffs and was led to the Bucharest Police Arrest Department. “I am accused of having offered three contracts to the TV station, although I am no longer a shareholder”, Mazare declared.

Constanta Mayor Radu Mazare came to the DNA national headquarters with his luggage all packed up on Monday, to be interviewed in a case where he had been accused of incompatibility.

Radu Mazare arrived at DNA at about 12:45. “For ten years, I have been ready for anything”, Mazare declared.

The Mayor of the Municipality of Constanta mentioned having been cited based on a complaint filed against him by ANI and Horia Georgescu, accusing him of incompatibility.

“Today, I was cited because of the complaint filed against me by ANI and Mr. Horia Georgescu, who accused me of incompatibility. I do not know the rest of the accusations against me. There was a similar accusation in 2009. (…) Perhaps, there are new accusations based on the same complaint”, the PSD Mayor declared.

Radu Mazare came to DNA headquarters with a fully equipped bag. “It is good to be prepared for anything in life”.

Journalists pointed out that Horia Georgescu is also interrogated at the DNA. “I know one thing. Life taught me that if you do good, you receive good, and if you do evil things, you will receive equally evil things”.

“I have a sport outfit, a book, a cross and some food”, Radu Mazare declared about the contents of his bag.

The Constanta mayor ironically answered a question coming from a journalist regarding the ‘celebrities’ currently on remand at the Bucharest Police, such as Elena Udrea and Marian Vanghelie.“You know how they call it? The royal cellar”, Mazare replied in his typical manner, alluding to a well known wine brand.

Asked if he had the autumn-winter or spring0-summer collection in his luggage, in other words for how long he expected to be arrested, Mazare smiled and replied: ‘I have a training suit, a book, a crucifix and some food’.



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