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May 17, 2021

Resigning Finance Minister Darius Valcov on Facebook: ‘I continue to defend my innocence. I have trust in the act of justice’

In a message posted on his Facebook page, the resigning Finance Minister, Darius Valcov, defends his innocence and says he trusts the act of justice. Valcov also confirms that he had accepted the PM’s request to stay at the Ministry until the procedures for the Tax Code and Code of Tax Procedure were over and that he decided to resign in order not to hurt the image of the Government and Romania in any way. ‘I continue to defend my innocence. I have trust in the act of justice. My resignation is a very normal move under such circumstances, as I don’t want to hurt in any way the image of the Government and of Romania. I thank all those who are by my side and who support me during these moments’, Valcov wrote on his Facebook page.


Darius Valcov, under criminal prosecution procedure for influence peddling


The National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA) prosecutors decided the initiation of the criminal prosecution procedure in the case of Finance Minister Darius Valcov for influence peddling in his capacity as Slatina Municipality Mayor. The DNA shows that the body of evidence in the case reveals that, following the understanding with the businessman, Darius Valcov received in the period 2010-2013 approximately 2 million euros, part of the amount having been received directly, in cash, and the amount of 2,480,000 lei was received through some companies.


Dragnea about Valcov: ‘I regret what is happening’


Social Democratic Party (PSD) Executive Chairman Liviu Dragnea on Monday voiced the regret for the situation of Darius Valcov and added that a new appointment in the Finance Minister office will be discussed among the PSD leaders.

‘I am very sorry for what is happening, because he initiated amendments to the Tax Code that are very important. Who will replace him is to be discussed,’ Dragnea said at the PSD headquarters, before the PSD National Standing Bureau meeting. When asked if he had known about the problems Valcov had, Dragnea denied.

Deputy Cristian Rizea, PSD Sector 5 interim chairman, voiced his conviction on Darius Valcov’s innocence.

‘I believe in the innocence of Mr Valcov, he is an honest man. Now that some want… maybe also because of the fact that he had this brilliant idea with the Tax Code and he is also its initiator. It is the most important document of the past 20 years. I don’t want to say whether it is a political case or not, but I have confidence in Mr Valcov’s innocence and I believe it will be proven in justice,’ Rizea said.

In his opinion, Darius Valcov’s resignation from the Finance Minister office represents a gesture of honour.

‘He is a dignified person and I definitely knew he would make this gesture, as I know him. It is a gesture of honour he made,’ Cristian Rizea added.


Calin Popescu Tariceanu: ‘He is one of the best ministers of the Ponta Cabinet’


The Speaker of the Romanian senate, Calin Popescu Tariceanu, spoke IN Parliament on Monday about the case of ex-Finance Minister Darius Valcov, recently prosecuted, and characterized him as one of the best ministers of the current Executive.

‘I have observed Mr. Valcov since the beginning of his ministerial term and I deem him to be one of the best ministers of the Ponta Cabinet. If we are a rule of law state, guilt is established in Court, nit by prosecutors! So, given the numerous accusations of this kind, I believe it’s better to be more reserved and not automatically believe that anyone who is summoned by prosecutors is guilty!’ Tariceanu said before the meeting of the Senate Standing Bureau.


Basescu: Valcov should have been dismissed immediately, keeping him harms Romania’s credibility


Former president, Traian Basescu on Monday afternoon said that the resigning minister of the Public Finances, Darius Valcov should have been dismissed immediately from office after the criminal procedures against him were started by the anticorruption prosecutors, because by keeping him at the Finances Ministry head would harm Romania’s image.

“Unfortunately, I believe the Prime minister and the President do not understand well what it means to keep a Finance Minister who is already indicted. (…) I have nothing personally with him, I only think of Romania. When the Finances minister is prosecuted, that very moment any Finances minister puts his pen down on his desk and leaves the premises of the ministry, or else he harms the country’s credibility. If it is about accusations at the Environment Ministry, one could wait the 15 days according to the Labour Code, if it is about the minister of Sports and Youth, there too one could wait the 15 days, if it is about the Culture minister, as well, one could wait, because we have a labour legislation,” Traian Basescu said, when leaving the headquarters of the People’s Movement Party, where he met the leaders of the PMP.

As he was asked whether Valcov should hae been removed, given that he has not left yet the position at the Finances Ministry head, the former president said: “He should have been dismissed immediately and stayed in a private team which contributes to finalising the Tax Code, but never enter the ministry as a minister”.





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