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May 24, 2022

Darius Valcov on alleged conversations in graveyard: ‘It would be under my dignity as a minister to comment on those things’

Resigning Finance Minister Darius Valcov commented Monday night on the information that he would receive his bribe in plastic shopping bags, meeting with the other  the National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA) investigated suspects in a graveyard for fear of being under surveillance and intercepted. Asked on Antena 3 TV if that was true, he answered: ‘I smile. I don’t believe I have ever been to a graveyard except on unfortunate occasions… It’s too low. There are things where we really should keep a certain standard’, he said. ‘It would be under my dignity as a minister to comment on those things. When you make a plan, when you know you are an honest person you just can’t comment on thinks like that. Anyone in my place would let time demonstrate. It is not a pleasant situation for me. You grow wings, you propose something for the country and, all of a sudden…’, Valcov added.



Traian Basescu about Darius Valcov: ‘He should have been dismissed instantly’


Commenting on the case of resigning Finance Minister Darius Valcov, ex-President Traian Basescu said he had nothing against him personally and that he actually cared about him. ‘I have known Valcov since he was a child, I care about him, he grew up in the PD youth organization, I went there to support his candidacy for mayor of Slatina. He is from the generation of Scripcaru, Falca who established itself and won many municipalities. I have nothing against him personally, but I am thinking of Romania. When the finance minister is charged with something, at that very moment he puts the pen down and leaves the ministry. If he doesn’t, he will affect the credibility of the country’, Traian Basescu said on Monday.

The former president stressed that, if the charges had been brought against other ministers such as the one in charge of environment, youth and sport or culture, ‘one could have waited for another 15 days’ before you dismiss them. ‘He should have been dismissed instantly and place him on a private team to work on the Fiscal Code, but he should have no longer be able to walk into the ministry as a minister’, the ex-president also noted.

Valcov has been prosecuted for taking EUR 2 M bribe while he was the Mayor of Slatina. He was questioned as a suspect by DNA Friday night. Afterwards, Prime-Minister Victor Ponta informed that the minister had resigned.



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