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October 21, 2021

Prosecutor Dan Voinea on Ion Iliescu’s role in miners’ riot of 13-15 June 1990

The High Court of Cassation and Justice (ICCJ) last week reopened the case of the miners’ riot of 13-15 June 1990 where ex-President Ion Iliescu is also concerned  in.

The High Court confirmed the decision reached by the ICCJ Prosecutors’ Office to reopen the inquiry in the file dedicated to the Miners’ Riots of June 13 – 15, 1990, as the investigation would target the circumstances of numerous people getting injured during the events that took place in Bucharest.

The judges of the High Court of Cassation and Justice (ICCJ) established last  Monday that the solution proposed by the High Court Prosecutors’ Office, to reopen the Miners’ Riots file, is legal and solid.

The decision of ICCJ is definitive and the file will be assigned to a prosecutor who will issue, based on collected pieces of evidence, a resolution. This prosecutor is to establish whether a lawsuit is needed for people involved in the file, or the case must be closed.

Military prosecutor Dan Voinea who investigated the case for a long period is breaking silence and discloses what he managed to find out about those events.

Prosecutor Voinea claims Gen. Schiopu kept a diary with all the orders he received from Ion Iliescu during those days, which suggest that Iliescu behaved like a military commander.

‘Ion Iliescu behaved like a head of state-commander, like a military commander. For there is a diary with the combat actions kept by Gen. Schiopu, the replacement of the chief of the General Staff of the Army, who entered all orders received to prevent the Army from taking the blame yet again, as it had in the Revolution. On 13 June, Mr. Iliescu is reminded of and so are all his direct interventions. At a certain time, President Iliescu requests 100 soldiers to act in a certain area. At that time, President Ion Iliescu requests 20 tanks to operate in the Ministry of Interior area. At a certain time, the president asks us to use tear gas against the protesters’, Dan Voinea said on B1 TV.

On the other hand, in many of his public interventions, the ex-president tried to explain that his role in the miners’ riot of 13-15 June 1990 had not been that important.

Asked what role Ion Iliescu had, prosecutor Voinea explained it was a group of people, not just Ion Iliescu, who acted during those days. ‘It is true that he was the chief of the power group, but all those belonging to Ion Iliescu’s power entourage became involved. The University Square was being monitored by the Ministry of Interior and SRI, but also by the Army Intelligence Service’, Voinea said during ‘Lumini si Umbre’ B1 TV programme.

Moreover, the prosecutor explained that, about two weeks before 13 June, trade union leaders had been brought from Jiu Valley and were accommodated at the Bucharest Hotel. ‘Who brought them?’ – Dan Andronic insisted. ‘Gelu Voican Voiculescu, who was Deputy Prime-Minister, did. He had worked at the Ministry of Mining, he was a geologist and he knew Burtec, the Mining Minister, very well. He also knew the labour union leaders in Jiu Valley. If you remember, he was the official who was always receiving the miners. Because groups of miners had traveled to Bucharest with various demands prior to 13 June, and they were well received’.

In the evening – the ex-military prosecutor further disclosed – they would be coming to the University Square guided by Voican Voiculescu or Victor Atanasie Stanculescu. ‘And they were devising strategies for attacking the protesters in order to clear the University Square. So it wasn’t just Ion Iliescu’s problem, all those people worked on the plan. It finalized on 12 June. Chitac presented the organization of the reprisals, it was an attack plan signed by Chitac and Gen. Diamandescu, who was the Chief of Police at that time’.

The meetings of the officials who took part in the repression plan were presided over by Ion Iliescu and Petre Roman, Gen. Dan Voinea also said.


Traian Basescu on Facebook: I did not provide miners the trains that brought them to Bucharest


Ex-President Traian Basescu continues his war against prosecutors, politicians and journalists by bringing up the controversial files of the Revolution and of the Miners’ Riots.

“One last mention must be made regarding the Miners’ Riot of June 13 – 15, 1990. There were many journalists, politicians and Internet users who claimed that my motivation for closing the Miners’ Riots file is connected to the fact that I was Transportation Minister and I provided miners the trains that brought them to Bucharest. This is false.

At that time, I held the position of Civil Navigation Chief Inspector, I performed my tasks in Constanta and I had nothing to do whatsoever with railway transportation. Please, do not let yourselves be misled by propagandists of lies. (Moise Guran, I am confident it was just an information error in your case)”, Traian Basescu wrote on Facebook.








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