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June 29, 2022

Traian Basescu launches new attacks against Prosecutor General Tiberiu Nitu

Traian Basescu launched a new attack against Prosecutor General Tiberiu Nitu on Tuesday, after he stated the day before that Nitu is “suspected” of shooting people at the Revolution.

“When he was appointed Attorney General I knew Mr. Nitu had a revolutionary’s certificate and had received 8,000 square meters of land as reward. And that was a reason why I was confident he would finalize the Revolution case. I pictured him under the army’s bullets. In the final weeks of my term I found out that as a conscript, and I don’t blame him for it, he shot from the public television building he was defending toward the apartment buildings in Dorobanti. I don’t know whether he shot anyone. He probably doesn’t know either. But only then did I understand that morally speaking Mr. Nitu cannot finalize the Revolution case. I wonder why he did not tell me on his appointment that he was among those shooting on the revolting population?” the former president wrote on his Facebook page.



“Tiberiu Nitu is suspected of having shot people during the Revolution”


On Monday, Traian Basescu explained at the Popular Movement Party (PMP) headquarters that he was a suspect, just like Nitu (Prosecutor  General Tiberiu Nitu, editor’s note.)

“The difference is that I was suspected of making a statement and Nitu was suspected of having shot people during the Revolution. Prosecutor General has shot people. He was a member of the Securitate troops and his own testimony says they were ordered to fire towards Dorobanti, where terrorists were moving, and he probably shor a few terrorists, because he had no other option”.

In October 2012, after being interviewed for the position of Prosecutor General, while exiting the CSM Hall, Nitu declared journalists that he received, according to the law, 8,000 square metres of land, based on his revolutionary certificate. The militaries who attended the revolution in 1989 were offered, just like civilians, 10,000 square metres of land, and in the case of the 78 people, there were only 8,000 for each of them, because that was what the Mayoralty was able to do”, he mentioned.

At the time the revolution started, Tiberiu Nitu was doing his military service at the unit located near the Romanian Television, and three of his colleagues were lethally shot.

The former Head of Military Prosecutors’ Office Dan Voinea declared in an interview in 2013 that the present Prosecutor General Tiberiu Nitu had a statement in the Revolution file where he admits having shot in the direction of the television. “He was a military beck then. Now he has a revolutionary certificate, but he must be investigated just like others who conducted shootings in December 1989”, Voinea declared.


Nitu, detailed statement on his activity during Revolution: We too fired


A statement written by Tiberiu Nitu himself shows that he, indeed, fired his weapon in the Revolution, but on a helicopter, according to stiripesurse.ro. His actions were due to the fact that, at that moment, he was during his military service and defended the Romanian Television during the Revolution.


Basescu: Firea was conducting illegal deals at Crescent, laundering Securitate money


Also on Monday evening at the PMP headquarters, ex-President Traian Basescu launched a series of accusations against PSD Senator Gabriela Firea stating that the state institutions should check the accounts of the Grivco company, to see the money transferred from “Crescent, the company of the Securitate” to Grivco, through Gabriela Firea, without ever being returned, Realitatea TV reported.

“If she remembers having signed any papers that showed her borrowing year by year, without paying it back, EUR 400,000 and USD 1,800,000 from Crescent and forwarding it through a company in Mr. Voiculescu’s group. If Firica remembers this, she would be better of confessing it all. As for me, Ms. Firulescu made a complaint at the Constitutional Court regarding my statements and, if I remember well, the Court explained that the President is free to do any political declaration he wants during his term and he has the same liberties as the members of the Parliament”, Traian Basescu declared.

Asked whether he would go to the High Court Prosecutors’ Office for a hearing, where he was cited as a suspect in the file he was accused of blackmailing  Gabriela Firea, the former Head of the state replied:

“I will definitely go, because I respect the institutions of the state. They sent me a letter, informing me that I am a suspect. Just like Nitu, except for the fact that Nitu is suspected of having been gunning down people at the Revolution. I think that the state institutions should check Grivco and see how much money was passed from Crescent, the company of the Securitate, to Grivco, during 2007 – 2011, when Ms. Firea was the manager of a company in the Grivco group, and Ms. Firea signed loans provided by Crescent to the company she managed, EUR 400,000 and USD 1,800,000 which she forgot to pay back”, Traian Basescu added.

Asked where he had this information, Basescu replied:

“I received them on a note from Ms. Udrea. The note came from a journalist named Oreste who had demanded EUR 10,000 to give Ms. Udrea these documents. Ms. Udrea gave them to me and I gave them to the state institutions responsible of these issues. Ms. Udrea refused to pay and this is why Oreste is mad at us. Sooner or later, the state institutions will have to tell us whether those documents were used for money laundering. Oreste is a man who stole some documents from the Grivco group and gave them to a representative of the opposition, Ms. Udrea. Oreste is a honest man, just like Ms. Firea”, the former Head of the State declared.


Gabriela Firea: “I will not use the model patented by the former president”


PSD Senator Gabriela Firea reacted after former president Traian Basescu accused her of transferring the Securitate money to the bank accounts of the Grivco Group founded by Dan Voiculescu. “I’ve understood that the former president of Romania is in possession of information according to which I allegedly endorsed, through my signature, illegal commercial actions within the Intact trust back when I was one of the managers of its Print Division. I publicly ask Mr. Traian Basescu to hand over the “evidence” to the relevant investigative bodies,” Firea stated in a communiqué sent on Monday evening to Agerpres and quoted by evz.ro.

The Senator went on to say that although she is eight months pregnant she will show up in any kind of hearings if need be. “And I will not use the model patented by the former president, that of defaming the investigative bodies, of manipulating the public opinion and of intimidating possible aggrieved parties,” Firea added according to the aforementioned source.


Oreste Teodorescu: “Fear of handcuffs gives birth to embarrassing monsters”


Journalist Oreste Teodorescu gave a harsh reply to Traian Basescu’s accusations against him. “I will not enter the president’s disinformation games. He is afraid of handcuffs and fear of handcuffs gives birth to embarrassing monsters. He is making absolutely stupid remarks about me. One of them strengthens Mrs. Udrea’s allegations, which were in turn extremely stupid. Mrs. Udrea claims I gave her a note that ended up at Traian Basescu, and then at the DNA. A statement made today by Traian Basescu. She also states that I asked her for some money for that material. Money she never gave to me. Well then, how did that material end up in her possession if she didn’t pay me? Did she trick me, or how? A logical fracture right from the start. Traian Basescu wants to shift attention away from him and onto me,” journalist Oreste Teodorescu stated on Monday on Realitatea TV. “I am an investigative journalist and a lot of leaked materials, more or less accurate, go through my hands. Everything that Badea and Negrea published about Grivco, Crescent, went through me too. I have no extra materials,” Teodorescu stated, pointing out that he does not recall whether Gabriela Firea’s name appears in the documents.


Dan Voiculescu sues Traian Basescu


Conservative Party (PC) founder Dan Voiculescu, currently in prison, announced on Tuesday on his personal blog that he has started “a legal action against Traian Basescu,” following the former president’s statements concerning Crescent’s accounts.

“Basescu Traian has made a new deceitful public statement in which he talks about alleged illegal relations between Grivco and Crescent. Basescu states that Crescent was the Securitate’s company and took the people’s money. The decision has been taken to hand over this case to our lawyers in order to start a legal action against Traian Basescu,” Voiculescu wrote on his blog.

Voiculescu also wrote that Basescu “probably found out that the staged myth” concerning the Securitate’s money “was shattered by the conclusions of international institutions (see the answer of the Justice Ministry’s office specializing in the recovering of debts),” and that Basescu’s reaction confirms “his noxious reflex of attacking, through lie and forgery, only to hide his own problems with the law, problems that will definitely be objectively confirmed by the judiciary.”


Basescu will be heard by Prosecutors on Wednesday in Gabriela Firea blackmail file


Former president Traian Basescu will be heard by prosecutors on Wednesday in the case in which PSD Senator Gabriela Firea accuses him of blackmail.. Gabriela Firea sued Traian Basescu after the former president warned her in a talk-show in 2014 that she is at risk of no longer finding her husband at home.



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