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May 20, 2022

Geoana courts Liberals ever more insistently, proposes PSRO-PNL joint working group: “Time is running out for us”

Senator Mircea Geoana, president of the Romanian Social Party (PSRO), is knocking on the National Liberal Party’s (PNL) door ever more insistently. Arguing that “time is running out for us,” on Tuesday Geoana sent an open letter to PNL presidents Alina Gorghiu and Vasile Blaga, proposing the setting up of a PNL-PSRO joint working group and of a timetable for formal consultations, claiming that “any day with Ponta” in office compromises Romania’s chance to a new beginning.

“Time is running out for us. Internal and international developments imperatively demand a strong Romania, armed with a new political and institutional model, with a rethought economic and social model. In brief, a New Country Project which 91 per cent of the citizens demand from us and that the November 16 elections make possible. A new rule of the game cannot be achieved with people that blatantly and persistently resort to high-level corruption and poor governance. A new Country Project calls for a new majority in society, in Parliament, and for a partnership between the Romanian President and a new government. Every extra day with Victor Ponta at the Victoria Palace compromises Romania’s chance to have a real new beginning. Our parties have the obligation to allow this chance for Romania and for Romanians not to be wasted,” the PSRO President writes in an open letter sent to PNL President Alina Gheorghiu and PNL President Vasile Blaga on Tuesday.

Senator Geoana underscores that “a New Country Project cannot be achieved without the Left and the Right contributing their own vision and values to this joint project based on a new rule of the game in politics, economy and society, based on honesty, competence and patriotism.”

He points out that the Romanian Social Party’s National Leadership Bureau has analyzed and identified both the elements of convergence and those of divergence between PSRO’s program and the Governing Program that PNL recently presented, and has decided “to start institutional consultations between PSRO and PNL on the main political, economic and social themes.”

“From this perspective, we propose the setting up of a PNL-PSRO joint working group and of a timetable of formal consultations between our parties,” Mircea Geoana’s letter reads, being quoted by Mediafax.


PNL’s Stroe: We’ll talk to Geoana’s party, majority needed for success of no-confidence vote


PNL will talk to PSRO and their joint agenda will include a governing program that would generate the parliamentary majority needed for the success of the no-confidence vote, PNL Spokesperson Ionut Stroe stated on Tuesday for Mediafax after the proposals made by the PSRO President.

Stroe appreciated Mircea Geoana’s and his party’s “support and openness when it comes to supporting and generating a parliamentary majority.”

Referring to the open letter that Mircea Geoana sent to PNL co-presidents Alina Gorghiu and Vasile Blaga, Ionut Stroe pointed out that PSRO “reacted positively following the PNL appeal launched along with its governing program.”

“Obviously we will discuss, we will have a dialogue with Mr. Geoana’s party, our representatives at this stage being Teodor Atanasiu and Catalin Predoiu,” Stroe stated for Mediafax.

The PNL Spokesperson also stated that “the joint agenda will include a governing program that would generate this parliamentary majority needed to ensure the success of the no-confidence vote.”



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