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January 17, 2022

Basescu, new accusations against PSD Senator Gabriela Firea

PSD Senator Gabriela Firea replied to the attacks launched on Wednesday by former President Traian Basescu after being questioned by the prosecutors office in the file the former head of the state is criminally prosecuted for blackmail. The former Head of the State declared on Monday that Gabriela Firea, as manager of a company owned by Dan Voiculescu, had approved the transfer, in the form of loans, of money from the company Crescent to Grivco, during 20007 – 2011. The sums transferred were EUR 400,000 and USD 1,800.000.

To prove his statements, Basescu published on his Facebook account a contract through which the company Crescent gave a loan of EUR 100,000 to a company owned by Dan Voiculescu and managed by Gabriela Firea.


Former President publishes contract between the company Crescent and one of Voiculescu’s companies


Regarding the contract between Crescent and Media Casa Press he had posted on Facebook, Traian Basescu mentioned that this document was handed over to him by journalist Oreste Teodorescu, through Elena Udrea, who did not pay Oreste the EUR 10,000 he had demanded in return for the respective documents: “I am sorry to have exposed Oreste by these things, but otherwise everybody would have said I had these documents from the Services”, Basescu said.

“There is a contract of a loan between Crescent, the company of the former Securitate and SC Media Casa Press SRL, a company that is part of the trust owned by the traitor Felix, managed by Ms. Firea. I am convinced Ms. Firea may tell us when that loan was paid back”, Traian Basescu commented

The contract was signed on November 15, 2007, between Crescent Commercial and Maritime Ltd. and Media Casa Press, whose general manager at that time was Gabriela Firea. By the contract, Crescent grants a loan of EUR 100,000 to the company led by Firea, without an interest. The loan was granted for an one-year period.

“This is no threat and no blackmail, it is public information: let her tell us how much money she had transferred from Crescent to Dan Voiculescu’s trust. I mean whether she remembers having signed any paper stipulating that she moved money and omitted to pay it back. (…) If Firica remembers it, she would better confess it publicly. (…) She had signed with her own hands for the loans she forgot to return”, Basescu declared, mentioning that he had had this information from Elena Udrea, who allegedly received it from Oreste Teodorescu, and he allegedly demanded EUR 10,000 for this information from Elenei Udrea.

“I received the information accompanied by a note that said ‘EUR 10,000’ from Elena Udrea who had received them and this note from Oreste. She refused to pay and this is why Oreste is mad at us”, Traian Basescu declared, adding that he had forwarded the information he just received to the institutions of the state last spring. “Oreste is a man who stole some documents from the Grivco group and gave them to somebody from the opposition. He had demanded EUR 10,000 on a yellow note, but Oreste is an honest man, just like Gabriela Firea”, Basescu commented on an ironical tone.

In response, Gabriela Firea demanded Traian Basescu to publish the documents he had mentioned. “I understood that the former President of Romania is in possession of some information that I allegedly approved, by my signature, illegal commercial actions in the Intact trust, while I was one of the managers of the Print Division. I publicly invite Mr. Traian Basescu to hand over the proof to responsible investigating institutions”, Gabriela Firea wrote in a press release.


Firea responds to Basescu: He is manipulating by bringing up the bomb of the former Securitate money


Gabriela Firea had declared in response to the accusations made by former Head of the State Traian Basescu that there are loans among companies belonging to the same trust, that these loans were made and will always be made as long as laws are applied.

“In his quality as a suspect in a file containing charges of threat and blackmail, instrumented by the High Court Prosecutors’ Office, the former President replies, as in other occasions, with the bomb of the former Securitate money.

There are loans being made by the commercial companies belonging to the same trust and they will always be made, according to applicable laws, in the domain of media as in many other fields of economy. They only have to apply national and European accounting and audit laws.

The Intact trust I have worked for was checked countless times financially and audited during Traian Basescu’s terms at Cotroceni. Possible illegal commercial actions would have been discovered and sanctioned a long time ago.

It is a pity that the former President is attempting now to seize the control institutions of the state and draws ridiculozs conclusions, claiming that I signed for illegal commercial actions. But, as I understood, he will have to answer for these denigrations as well, in a trial that Mr. Dan Voiculescu, the founder of the trust Intact, has announced to initiate against him”, Gabriela Firea mentioned in a press release.

Moreover, Gabriela Firea declared that she was willing to attend hearings any time and mentioned that she did not use her eight-month pregnancy as an excuse not to.

“As for Mr. Traian Basescu’s statements referring to the fact that I have used the fact that I am about to give birth shortly as a pretext, I assure him that I never posed as a victim and I only announced Romanians that I was willing to attend any kind of hearings if I will be demanded to do so, regarding my activity as a manager in the Intact trust, and that I will not dodge doing so, not even in my present medical condition”, the PSD Senator further added.


Basescu to Firea: If she wants, I will baptize her child


Former President Traian Basescu demanded on Wednesday evening PSD Senator Gabriela Firea to decide on what quality she was dodging the conflict with him: as a politician or as “an eight-month pregnant mommy”. In the case Firea decided upon the second version, Basescu offered to baptize her child.

The former President had made these comments under the circumstances of his new scandal with the PSD Senator, after prosecutors had charged him with blackmail and he had published documents showing that Firea had transferred money as loans between the Crescent company and the Grivco trust.

“Gabriela Firea is a woman with an eight-month pregnancy, I know what an eight-month pregnancy means to a woman and I am trying to treat her as I would any woman in her situation. On the other hand, Ms. Firea is also a politician. In her relation to me, she has to decide: does she want to be an eight-month pregnant mommy or a politician. I am giving her the chance to be an eight-month pregnant mommy. If she wants, I will baptize her son as well”, Traian Basescu declared on Wednesday evening.

“Sometimes she pretends she is a Senator in the Romanian Parliament, other times she says she is an eight-month pregnant mom. She had used it as an excuse; otherwise I would have no idea she was pregnant”, Traian Basescu declared.






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