Bribe and prejudices in the DNA files

The prosecutors of the National Anti-Corruption Directorate (DNA) have calculated the total amount of prejudices in Romania and of bribes paid to damage the state. The sums that resulted are amazing. Another thing that is startling is the profitability of bribe in Romania, stiripesurse.ro reported, quoting hotnews.ro.

DNA reveals that for every euro paid as a bribe, there is an earning of EUR 20.

This figure was reached by comparing the total amount of prejudices and the amount of bribes.

Money earned from prejudices: – EUR 400 million

Bribe: – EUR 20 million

The profitability of the bribe – 1: 20

Nonetheless, in the field of prejudice recovery, sums are less impressive. Prosecutors showed that the goods effectively recovered last year only amounted to five million and a half euro. Hoping that they would recover some more money out of these prejudices, the state placed under sequestration or seized goods worth almost EUR 550 million.

Figures for 2014:

Recovered goods: EUR 5.4 million

Sequestration: EUR 332.5 million

Seized goods: EUR 219.3 million



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