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June 30, 2022

Geoana: I see new majority made up of PNL, PSRO and UDMR, but many from PSD and UNPR will also join us

The President of the Romanian Social Party (PSRO), Mircea Geoana, said during the ‘Jocuri de putere’ TV programme Tuesday night that he had had ‘rather advanced talks’ with PNL for setting up a new majority in Parliament.

‘We have had rather advanced talks, a more applied discussion on the ruling programme will begin tomorrow (…) A change of philosophy of the Fiscal Code is required. There is a disproportion between the taxation of labour and taxation of capital (…) To me, as a left-wing politician, rebalancing the taxation of labour and capital is one of the identity elements. (…). The biggest mistake both Klaus Iohannis and PNL could make is to set up a majority for a year and a few months and enter the fever of the 2016 local election campaign. If we don’t give a clear perspective, and the key is with the president, he appoints the prime minister both now and in 2016. The second condition is a majority that should last more than a few months and the third one is that the people who will go in the Government, and this is the last chance for Romania. If, God forbid, the next Government is as whole, Romania will enter a state of danger threatening national security (…). This is why I believe that the fate and future of Romania is in our hands. I expect of PNL to explicitly say with whom they wish to form a majority. I am not Gabi Oprea, a hinge-party’, Mircea Geoana said.

The President of PSRO thinks that, when ‘they give a clearer answer on who will not be on the future majority, things will be simpler in Parliament’.

‘The true zone from where many MPs, whole organisations will join me and my colleagues is PSD and UNPR (…). There are advanced talks with many. After the PSD National Council this weekend, many colleagues from PSD put their hopes in, trusting that PSD can be reformed, that there will be an analysis of the deep causes of the defeat in the presidential election, I told them: ‘let’s wait until 20-21 March, but if you see then exactly what I have seen so far, a miming of democracy’… If even that kid, Ivan, scared you, Victor. If you are afraid of Ivan, what else can you still do? The people of PSD, UNPR and PC are people I know, I’m not talking about the party, about people from inside the party, there will be many who will come and join me. What PNL needs to do is define as soon as possible the shape of the future majority, so that we can say: ‘in the future majority there will be room for PSRO, PNL and UDMR and, the moment we give a clearer answer on who will not be on the new majority, things will be simpler in Parliament’, said the PSRO president.

Asked if UNPR would also belong to the new majority, Mircea Geoana answered:

‘The majority of this country will be made up of PNL, PSRO and UDMR. If I were Kelemen Hunor and the leader of PNL, I would say better not. Not UNPR, but Gabriel Oprea and UNPR in that sense. From what I can feel, I cannot picture Blaga and Iohannis sitting at the same table with Gabi Oprea. Anyway, in 2016 the parties without electoral thrust will no longer be in Parliament’, Mircea Geoana said.

As far as the PNL ruling programme is concerned, Geoana said he wanted to see ‘more resources for those who are in rural areas’.

‘I have read the Liberals’ draft. In certain areas we are convergent: 6% of GDP for health – I embrace the idea that we need to invest more in health. I want to see more resources for those in the rural areas and for more deprived families. I agree that we must return to what I signed with my own little hand, what Traian Basescu and PNL signed with their own little hands – the Pact for Education and Research. The project that we are launching for public debate early next week has a re-considered component of economic policy which secures minimum 5% economic growth for the next decade. It was made by the best professionals. The best economic policy is good governance’, added the leader of PSRO.


‘If Sova talks, Ponta will have to give kilometres of explanations’


Mircea Geoana, a  former President of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) and former candidate of the same party in the presidential election of 2009, also said during the TV programme that Victor Ponta protected Senator Dan Sova from ‘the long arm of the law’ because, in reality, in that way he defended himself. Mircea Geoana also said that, if Dan Sova ‘starts talking about what Ponta has done during the years’, the premier would have to give ‘kilometres of explanations’.

Asked if Victor Ponta was protecting Dan Sova from the arm of the law, Mircea Geoana answered:

‘Yes. From my point of view, the moment they said yesterday that each would vote according to his/her own conscience, it was clear to me that they were going to defend Sova. They are protecting Sova. (…). PSD and the group at the Senate, led by Ilie Sarbu, knew how to call the PSD MPs to the front and show their vote during the voting on the Court judge. I want to see how they vote on Sova’s case, based on heir free conscience. Then, if Sova starts talking about Ponta, you will see a richness of shows and ratings. He will protect him, this is what will happen’, Mircea Geoana said.

As for the vote on lifting Dan Sova’s immunity for approving DNA’s request for detaining and arresting the senator, the leader of PSRO said:

‘We will vote for lifting Sova’s immunity (…). Ponta is defending his own vulnerability because, if he lets Sova drop, if Sova starts talking about what he has done with Ponta during the years, he will have to give kilometres of explanations’, Mircea Geoana said.



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