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April 23, 2021

Prosecutor General admits having shot at the Revolution

Former military of Securitate troops, presently Prosecutor General of Romania Tiberiu Nitu admits having conducted shootings at the Revolution but also mentioned that he was unaware of having killed anyone. Moreover, he revealed how he received his revolutionary certificate he is unwilling to give up, in an interview for the daily paper Adevarul.

“The Revolution of 1989 caught me at the Romanian Television. I was serving my time as a military and, as I was enrolled in the Securitate troops, I was assigned, along other soldiers of the unit I belonged to, to guard the Television. At the Revolution, I was demanded to guard a hallway and I asked the Sargent Major what was going on. He answered: ‘I was announced that there was an assault of Arab terrorists coming on choppers. When we see them jumping on parachutes, we go to the roof of the Television building and shoot them.’ When I heard about terrorists, I imagined myself fighting with Rambo. Was I able, after two months in the Army, to fight with Rambo? This is what ‘terrorist’ meant to me, this is what I was thinking. I was 18 years old. Do you think it was easy?”, Nitu revealed.

Asked whether he had fired any shots, the Prosecutor General replied: “There was this belief that shootings were conducted from the houses nearby. And when I was ordered to fire in the direction of those houses, I followed the command. I just did what all my colleagues, as well as armed civilians surrounding us, what everybody was doing. We shot in that direction, yet nobody was there. That was all. Those were the sole moments I shot, in the night of December 22 to 23. Why would I lie? Well, I could lie, but I have no interest in hiding this. I have done nothing illegal, I shot nobody and killed nobody. Why am I to blame?”

Nitu went on to say that he had guarded the Television headquarters from December 2, 1989, to September 21, 1990. “I lived it all there, children. Miners’ Riots and all. In June 1990, at the Miners’ Riots, I almost caught fire. I found myself with a Molotov near me, a curtain caught fire, we hardly managed to put it out”, Nitu declared for Adevarul.

Asked about his revolutionary certificate, Tiberiu Nitu admitted: “ In 1995, I was coming from Ploiesti to Bucharest, to attend an exam. I met a colleague from the Army in the train. And the ticket clerk came to check out tickets. I gave him the ticket and he gave him a few of those coupons. And he asked: “Don’t you have any of these? You are not a revolutionary?” “No”. And he said: “I am one, we all got certificates”. He taught me to go to the Club 22 Association; I went to them and I made myself a file. My certificate was issued in 1996, in November. I have declarations from my commanding officers in the file and I have photographs. I even have a photo made by a French girl who was visiting Romania bringing charity aid; in the photo, she was kissing me over the fence of the Television. If a law is issued tomorrow cancelling the revolutionaries’ law, I will be the first to submit my certificate. But as far as I know a lot of people who were far away from any confrontation scene of the Revolution and have a certificate, why should I give mine up?”.


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