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February 8, 2023

Udrea, confronted with her denouncers in the Gala Bute file

Elena Udrea was brought on Thursday morning from the arrest in front of the National Anti-Corruption Directorate (DNA) prosecutors to be confronted with her denouncers, the people who were initially besides her and then betrayed her, in the Gala Bute file. The former Minister confirmed on Facebook that she would be confronted with those who denounced her.

“Two weeks and a half after the moment of demands, today, the confrontations of Elena Udrea and her denouncers regarding the Bute Gala will finally take place.

It is worth mentioning that this action was ordered by investigators only after lawyers made a public announcement regarding the delay in the application of the requests made by the former Development Minister and after her text published a few days ago, saying that ‘the investigation advances slowly, like a snail’.

Elena Udrea and her lawyers are confident that these confrontations will prove the falseness of the statements made by the denouncers and will allow the truth to surface in this matter”, Elena Udrea wrote on Facebook.

She had demanded repeatedly to be confronted with the persons who had filed the denounces against her. Her lawyers had submitted, at the beginning of March, the second request of confrontation with the denouncers, after prosecutors gave no answer to the first request.

The lawyers of the former Minister sent to the DNA the new request, before ICCJ tried the appeal filed by Elena Udrea regarding the preventive arrest in the Gala Bute File, yet, it remained unanswered as well.

“She demanded to be confronted with the denouncers. She truly wants to meet these men face to face, to look them in the eyes”, lawyer Alexandru Chiciu declared.

Elena Udrea is in preventive arrest for 30 days in the “Gala Bute” file, based on a decision by the High Court of Cassation and Justice. The former PMP leader is investigated for three accounts of bribe-taking, abuse of office, attempt to use false, inaccurate or incomplete documents and declarations for gaining undeserved funds from the EU budget, use of influence to gain undeserved benefits.

On Thursday, Udrea arrived at the DNA headquarters at 9:45 am, to be confronted with her denouncers in the “Bute Gala” File.

Although she was initially informed she would only be confronted with her former adviser Stefan Lungu, Udrea found herself face to face with four persons. The first confrontation occurred with Ana Maria Topoliceanu, who was once her best friend, one of the persons caught in the infamous photographs in Paris.

Afterwards, Udrea was confronted with Gheorghe Nastasia, former Secretary General in the Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism, Stefan Lungu and businessman Adrian Gardean.

In a Facebook post, Elena Udrea had revealed the “circuit of denounces” several days ago.

“The circuit of denounces:

• Adrian Gardean files a denounce against  Stefan Lungu and Gheorghe Nastasia.

• After being accused, Lungu denounces Ana Maria Topoliceanu and also mentions Tudor Breazu.

• Accused by Lungu, Ana Maria Topoliceanu files a denounce against Elena Udrea and pressures Tudor Breazu to do the same.

• Breazu denies the statements made by Topoliceanu and brings proof to expose the pressure he had endured.

• After the denounce filed by Gardean, Nastasia initially denies accusations and then files a denounce against Elena Udrea.

In conclusion, the denounces against Udrea came only after Topoliceanu şi Nastasia were accused. Actually, when they were caught, they attempted to transfer the blame fraudulently, the website stiripesurse.ro reported.


Lawyer Marius Striblea: Confrontations have completely dismantled the denouncers’ accusations


At the end of Elena Udrea’s confrontation with her denouncers, a process that lasted 7 hours, lawyer Marius Striblea stated that it “entirely dismantled the prosecutors’ accusations.”

“It was proven that all that was brought into the public area are just impressions, only opinions, only ploys from some of those accused in the case,” Marius Striblea stated. He recounted that during the confrontation between Elena Udrea and Gheorghe Nastasia the latter was unable to roughly point out the time of day when Adrian Gardean allegedly gave him the money bag for Udrea, nor how the bag looked like, nor whether it contained any money, since he did not open it. “This is the bribery charge. The only conclusion is that Mr. Nastasia knew about the EUR 900,000 only from Mr. Gardean. I am surprised Gardean didn’t tell him it contained a nuclear warhead,” the lawyer stated.





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