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September 27, 2020

Former MEP Elena Basescu denies having asked Vanghelie to collect signatures for her bid

Former MEP Elena Basescu (photo)  is denying public reports that embattled Bucharest District 5 Mayor Marian Vanghelie, currently on pre-trial detention, would have collected signatures for her bid to win again a MEP seat in 2014.

‘In relation to press reporting that Marian Vanghelie allegedly collected signatures for my bid to win a new MEP seat in the 2015 European elections, I would like to make the following statements: I have never asked anybody to collect signatures for money, less so Marian Vanghelie or any of the people mentioned in the documents quoted by the media,’ Elena Basescu says in a Facebook post.

The former MEP also mentions that she did not run for a MEP seat in 2014.

‘I want to remind everybody that I did not run in the 2014 European elections. Given the circumstances, my name being mentioned is unjustified,’ she says.

In 2014, before the start of the campaign for the European elections, Elena Basescu told a public press conference at the headquarters of the People’s Movement Party (PMP) that she was no longer running for a second term in the European Parliament, although she had the requested number of signatures to run.


ICCJ motivation:Marian Vanghelie financed Elena Basescu’s European parliamentary election campaign


Bucharest District 5 Mayor Marian Vanghelie contributed with the money received as bribe to the election campaign of ex-president Traian Basescu’s daughter Elena Basescu.

The information is in a document of the judges from the High Court of Cassation and Justice (ICCJ) which motivates the arrest of Marian Vanghelie for 30 days.

‘In the spring of 2014, the defendant (Marian Vanghelie – editor’s note) asked (Marin Dumitru, person who denounced him – editor’s note) to raise 10,000 signatures to support Elena Basescu’s candidacy in the election for the European Parliament. The money necessary for the activity was deducted from the demanded commission, saying that Apreutesei Viorel, Glavan Costel and other employees were aware of that. The sum paid for the 9,000 signatures that were eventually collected was RON 15/signature’, reads the supreme court’s motivation.

Marian Vanghelie was arrested for 30 days Saturday morning in a case of bribery for helping the companies of businessman Marin Dumitru obtain public works contracts from the Municipality of District 5.


Basescu on signature collection by Vanghelie for his daughter: A fairy-tale told by informants


Former chief of state Traian Basescu said Thursday that the alleged involvement of embattled Bucharest District 5 Mayor Marian Vanghelie in the collection of signatures for the European election campaign of her daughter Elena Basescu in 2014 is nothing but a fairy-tale told by informants, Agerpres reports.

‘Do you know who asked that [signatures being collected for Elena Basescu], do you know who ordered that? I have seen the statement myself and I think it is similar to the story told by turncoat priest of Antena 3 who claimed that I was riding a boat on Lake Floreasca, although the lake had been dried for works. Exactly the same type of story is that about the signatures collected for my daughter. Allegedly, they would have cost RON 15 each. Imagine that: three euros and some cents. Well, give me a street corner and a list to collect signatures for three euros a piece. I would sign for anyone. I feel like we reached the highest level of stupidity,’ said Basescu in reply to a question about the man who told on Vanghelie and who claimed to have been asked by the mayor in 2014 to collect signatures for Basescu’s daughter Elena’s MEP bid.

He added that the claims about the collection of signatures for her daughter do not come from prosecutors, but from informants. ‘No, Madam, that is what the informants say. The likes of the turncoat priest and others. Madam, is not [television presenter] Gadea a turncoat priest? Did you not transfer money from Crescent, the money of [the late political police] Securitatea to Voiculescu’s media trust?’ said Basescu in response to remarks by a female journalist that the statements about Elena Basescu would have been made by prosecutors.












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