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October 20, 2020

President Iohannis to meet PM Ponta to discuss appointment of new Finance Minister

President Klaus Iohannis on Friday is set to receive at the Cotroceni Palace, upon his return from the meeting of the European Council in Brussels, Prime Minister Victor Ponta, to discuss the appointment of a new Minister of Finance, informs the Presidential Administration.

The head of the state will be back in Romania around 6 pm.

Prime Minister Victor Ponta on Thursday told Agerpres that he was waiting for President Klaus Iohannis to return from Brussels to consult with him before making a new proposal for Minister of Public Finance.


PM Ponta on proposal for FinMin: After I talk to the President, we shall let you know


Prime Minister Victor Ponta at the Palace of Parliament on Friday said that he would make the announcement of the proposal for the head of the Finance Ministry only after he consulted President Klaus Iohannis, with whom he has “a very normal institutional relation.”

When asked whom he will propose as head of the Public Finance Ministry (MFP), Ponta replied: “After I talk with the President, I shall let you know. (…) This is provided in Romania’s Constitution and Romania’s laws (…), namely that any appointment and dismissal of a minister must be signed by the President through a decree, at the Prime Minister’s proposal. We have a very normal institutional relation and this is how things should work.”

Prime Minister Victor Ponta on Thursday announced that he approved the resignation of Finance Minister Darius Valcov, after the National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA) asked the Senate’s notification for the approval of the latter’s detainment and preventive arrest.

‘Taking into account the new DNA request, I approved Mr Valcov’s resignation! I shall present President Iohannis the new proposal for the Public Finance Ministry at the shortest,’ Victor Ponta pointed out.

Valcov is being investigated by the DNA in a case in regards with the offense of influence peddling.


PSD’s executive chairman Dragnea on the proposal for the office of Finance Minister: It hasn’t been established to necessarily be a party  member


Social Democratic Party (PSD) executive chairman Liviu Dragnea on Thursday said in regards with the proposal to be made for the office of Finance Minister that ‘it hasn’t been established to necessarily be a party member or a technocrat.’


‘We have discussed this in principle. The Prime Minister is to think of possible solutions today, tomorrow, and discuss them with President Iohannis. It hasn’t been established to necessarily be a party member or a technocrat. We must find a person who can continue to manage the discussions in Parliament on the Tax Code, which is Ponta Government’s major project. It is an important thing not to be played with,’ Dragnea said at the Parliament Palace.

He admitted that ‘there is not great willingness for anyone to come to the Finance Ministry,’ but showed that the Prime Minister would surely find ‘a good solution.’

‘It is a new situation and most likely Darius [Valcov] no longer has the state of mind to manage these things, to be able to seriously think about it,’ Liviu Dragnea said.

The PSD executive chairman showed he regretted the situation Darius Valcov faces and mentioned that the Government meeting scheduled on Monday on the Tax Code topic will take place.

‘I cannot say that I or anyone else expected this, we cannot know what is there, what the charges are, [I can only say] I am sorry. The Code must go forward, we shall normally meet in the Government on Monday for the Tax Code, there is no reason to postpone the discussions, things are almost completed. The Tax Code must go forward at any cost, because it is extremely important and very well received by the business environment and society in general,’ Dragnea argued.

When asked if Valcov’s situation affected the Government’s image, the minister admitted that it is ‘a significant blow.’

‘It is a significant blow, it isn’t something meant to make us happy, but, in the end, at least in my opinion, the things that remain are what the Government does for the economy, for the society, for Romania in general. And, until now, the Government has done good things and now, unfortunately, right when we are promoting the Tax Code, this misfortune has occurred with Darius Valcov. But we shall go forward with the Tax Code, as there is no connection between the two,’ the PSD executive chairman said.

Asked about his opinion on the fact that there are 13 Government members involved in justice issues over the past three years, Liviu Drangea underscored that those did not belong only to the current Cabinet. ‘The are also members of the former governments, not only of Ponta Government. There have been several problems that are being uncovered now,’ Dragnea replied.




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