PM Ponta: PSD is like the Phoenix bird, every time there appear some who are impatient to be dancing on its grave, it rebirths out from its own ashes

“The Social Democratic Party (PSD)  is like the phoenix bird, every time there appear some who are impatient to be dancing on its grave, it rebirths out of its own ashes”, the chairman of the party, Prime Minister Victor Ponta, on Saturday stated, on the occasion of the party’s National Council meeting.

‘You shouldn’t be neither disappointed nor fearful. I remember very well how the PSD looked in 2010 Romania. And today we are the government, while in this very solid alliance, and I want to also thank my partners in the alliance, for we are the political party with the largest number of MPs, ministers, local elected officials, militants and party members right now. Many of them had a lot to endure in the recent period. And I know that it will still be hard from now on, of course (…) There is no reason for us to believe that we are in 2010 again, but even we were, I would say the same thing: PSD is like the phoenix bird, every time there appear some impatient to be dancing on its grave, it rebirths out of its own ashes,’ said the head of the PSD, quoted by Agerpres.


“President Iohannis is the political adversary of PSD, Basescu was the enemy of this party and of the country”


The PM also promised that, as long as he will remain in politics, he will remain a Social Democrat, because he is proud of being a member of the PSD. He also added that, while President Klaus Iohannis is the political adversary of the PSD, Traian Basescu was the enemy of this party and of the entire country.

‘And I believe that Romania needs social democratic policies. I fought with the most evil, most powerful political regime in Romania after the [anti-communist] Revolution of 1989, Traian Basescu’s regime and we are still standing. And they are now for sure exactly where they were supposed to be from long ago, facing the justice and I believe that they are exactly where they should be. But I want you to also remember we won this battle that required many sacrifices, the most important battle for Romania. (…)President Klaus Iohannis is our political adversary, but Traian Basescu was our enemy and the enemy of Romania,’ said Ponta.


Truly Liberals have already left PNL with Calin Popescu Tariceanu and they are in the governing coalition with us


According to him, Democratic Liberal Party (PDL), which merged with the National Liberal party becoming a new enlarged National Liberal Party (PNL)  only changed its name and the ones that are truly Liberal have already left with Calin Popescu Tariceanu and they are in the governing coalition with us.

He also wanted to tell his colleagues that he was more prepared than ever to continue to walk side by side with them, since they have done together so many good things for the PSD and Romania.

“I want to thank you for these past five years, during which we won many battles. It’s true that we also lost that one battle when we didn’t win in the race for presidency, but we won all the others and I believe that in the next five years, until 2020, Romania needs the PSD, the USL [former alliance between PSD and PNL and the Conservative Party] policies and Romania needs us to keep our word till the end. And that’s why I came here to tell you that we still have many things to do together, while working hard, and to ask you to forget about all the hard feelings, grudges, disappointments and let’s find together that energy we have always had. I want us to keep going on together,” Victor Ponta said.


All our candidates in the local elections must be competent people, with spotless careers


PSD chairman Victor Ponta also told his party colleagues that all the Social Democratic candidates for local councilors, mayors, county councils presidents in the 2016 local elections must be competent politicians, with spotless careers.

‘I don’t believe that indirect election of county council presidents is a better solution than direct election. On the contrary, I will always think that a president that would be elected by direct vote would be more legitimate, more strong and more efficient. But I also considered something that is in fact quite easy to anticipate – that any county council president elected by indirect vote would immediately be seen as bad, a target and I would like to see from our own mistakes, of those who support this indirect vote, to see whether we will prove to be right or not. However, what’s truly important is that for 2016 we find our best candidates, good people, efficient and with spotless political career. This is a difficult task this year in Romania, but I am convinced that, by doing this, we will become again the political party and alliance with the largest number of local elected officials,” said Ponta.


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