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January 27, 2022

Adrian Nastase harshly criticizes PSD: Words and speeches are not enough, it is time to act

Adrian Nastase did not attend the National Council (CN) of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) organized on Friday and Saturday at the Parliament Palace. The former Head of Social-Democrats justified his absence at CN by citing health issues, but outlined he would have missed the meeting even if he would have been in Bucharest, especially because his vision on the present strategy of PSD is not exactly optimistic.

“For a long time, I had made a reservation at a clinic in France for a health issue, precisely for the weekend that had hosted the National Council meeting. Yet, I would have missed it even if I were in Bucharest. I have a different opinion on the strategy of the party, after losing presidential elections and the attacks of DNA. I think that words and speeches are no longer enough. I think that action is needed. In some fields, the Government seems to be a mere viewer. I think that they should behave as  a lead character and adopt initiatives, based on the experience of European countries”, Adrian Nastase wrote on his blog.

Former Prime Minister and PSD President Adrian Nastase outlined that Social-Democrats needed solidarity, and the “red rooster story”, that claimed that Victor Ponta had lost presidential elections because PSD had been associated with communism is not valid. “I do not believe the explanation with communism. If so, how would anyone explain the victory by 40 per cent in the first round of elections? Did Romanians find out between the two rounds of elections that PSD was Communist? It is an explanation I do not buy. It is an obvious pretext. A more careful analysis will reveal the mistake of USL splitting up and of pushing Victor Ponta to run for president, the obvious lack of a strategy of alliances for round two and a few circumstantial mistakes. Moreover, it is obvious that, under these circumstances, having a Social-Liberal Government, PSD would have a hard time attracting left-wing voters. Unavoidably, the new ideological platform will reveal the differences among party ideology and Government formulas. There are certain inconsistencies. The full income declaration was eliminated by the Tariceanu Government. Now, despite of joining forces with Tariceanu, it is reinstated”, Adrian Nastase continued on his blog.

“I have the feeling that the New PSD is trying to return to Interwar PDSR to seek legitimacy, instead of looking at the results of the PSD Government of 2000 – 2004. Or skipping it. Yet, many present members of the party were members of the respective team. I have written a book about “The Two Romanias”, trying to highlight mistakes worth avoiding. I do not think this book was opened by many of my colleagues. Are we supposed to repeat the same mistakes, over and over again, like Sisyphus? Or each team of leaders insist on making their own mistakes. Sometimes, they start out wrong. It is what Geoana did in 2005; he allowed himself to be manipulated by becoming the president of the party too early. He made another mistake in 2010, by insisting to cling to his position as party chairman after his pathetic failure in the elections, granting Victor Ponta the possibility to become party chairman too early, for a party whose voters are mostly senior citizens. Certainly, there are demographic, political and social changes that must be taken into account, but a big party is like a plane that may only change direction on a longer distance. In my opinion as a former PSD member, I think that they need to gain back voters in the left, Socialist wing, so that these people would not join a rebellion against the system”, Adrian Nastase also wrote in his analysis, made in a “cafe in an airport”, hoping that his ideas would be useful to those who want to lead the party to achieve political victory in the future.





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