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December 1, 2021

Elena Udrea’s message to prosecutors: If they want to investigate into illegal campaign financing, they should start with Blaga

Elena Udrea gives latest information to prosecutors on the bribe that allegedly reached Vasile Blaga, in a message posted on the ‘Justice up to the end’ Facebook page kept by the ex-minister’s supporters.

Elena Udrea is telling the National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA), through her supporters, that, if they want to investigate into the illegal financing of election campaigns, they should start with Vasile Blaga, against whom there are denunciations made by Gabriel Sandu and Dorin Cocos.

‘Evidence – none, circus – yes. Plenty.

After goats and graveyards, lawyers arrested for defending their clients, it is now the turn of the ‘posters’ working for parties to be in the media spotlight thanks to the DNA story-telling talent. The investigators have no evidence and are casting dust in the eyes of the public, trying to move the battle from the court room into the television studios.

There is no connection between the PDL ‘posters’ and Gala Bute. The prosecutors have been unable to demonstrate that Elena Udrea actually took one leu in this affair and they wish to push the case in a different direction. If they want to investigate into the financing of election campaigns, they should begin with the denunciations made by Gabriel Sandu and Dorin Cocos against PNL (ex-PDL) leaders today, starting with Vasile Blaga.

If they want to take care of the ‘posters’, they should visit PSD and PNL, who continue to use such paid squads.

I believe justice should be made by law in Romania and that investigators should be more worried about the process and not become soap opera script writers for the news channels.

Elena, you are not alone!’ is the latest message posted on the ‘Justice up to the end’ Facebook page created by Elena Udrea’s supporters.


Investigators want to keep Udrea under arrest with the help of the TV


‘In the Gala Bute case, the prosecutors show more their talent as story tellers and fabulists than their legal knowledge. When evidence does not help them, they crochet stories laying up the colours too thick’, a posting on Elena Udrea’s Facebook account, signed ‘The Communication Team’, states.

‘After all denunciations were infirmed during the confrontations yesterday, the DNA investigators threw to the media the story with the ‘posters’ paid with EUR 10,000 per month. Intoxication.

The reality is the following: the prosecutors have been unable to prove the fact that Udrea took the ‘bag’ containing EUR 900,000. Adrian Gardean (the briber, the person who raised the money) even says it was not meant for the ex-Development Minister, but to Nastasia.

After being unable to prove that Udrea actually took the money, the prosecutors say she paid part of the sum to the party – without a single indication that the ex-PDL Bucharest president gave money to the party or that the alleged sponsorship was from bribe.

And here they mention the ‘posters’ who are supposed to capture the attention of the media.

In reality, the ’10,000 EUR/month’ was just one time, during the 2012 local election campaign, when PDL Bucharest had a candidate for mayor in Bucharest, six candidates for district mayor, 55 candidates for the General Council and 6 x 33 candidates for the local councils of the six districts of Bucharest. Not to mention PDL in general. So, saying that Udrea would pay EUR 10,000 to posters is a blatant lie.

‘Because we have seen the generalized hypocrisy of politicians from almost all parties, but also the press, we want one thing to be very clear: absolutely all parties in Romania have ‘posters’ and online guerilla and the sums consumed for that are much higher. Our recommendation to the DNA prosecutors, since they have opened the subject, is to investigate the PSD or PNL ‘posters’ too’, the Communication Team states on Elena Udrea’s Facebook account.





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