Gorghiu: Four months after the defeat in the presidential elections, Ponta is not capable of making honest analysis of presidential bid failure

National Liberal Party (PNL) Co-Chair Alina Gorghiu criticized Prime Minister Victor Ponta in a post on her personal Facebook page, stating that he “is not capable of making an honest analysis of the failure” in the presidential elections, four months after the defeat he suffered.

“Four months after the defeat in the presidential elections, Victor Ponta is not capable of making an honest analysis of the failure. More serious is the fact that Mr. Ponta displays deep resentments toward the voters that did not vote for him. Talking today about the local elections, Victor Ponta stated that the runoff would not be good because “it lets loose emotion, hatred.” He thinks the same about presidential elections, probably seeing “hatred” in what was the most beautiful display of solidarity on the part of Romanian citizens in recent years (whether they were in the country or abroad): the 16 November 2014 vote,” Alina Gorghiu wrote.

Gorghiu goes on to point out that “the moment when the main “emotion” you show is the desperation of winning at any cost – at that point Romanians react.”

“Premier Ponta should ask himself whether there wasn’t by any chance a solid basis for that collective “emotion” that defeated him in the runoff. When you pass an emergency ordinance to recruit hundreds of mayors, when you refuse to open new voting centers abroad, thus breaking a constitutional right, when you refuse to reject the draft law on amnesty in the hope of mobilizing the support of various convicts and defendants, when you directly or indirectly launch waves of dirty attacks against your main contender – meaning the moment when the main “emotion” you show is the desperation of winning at any cost – at that point Romanians react!,” Alina Gorghiu concluded.


Ponta: If I lived abroad and I saw what happened at voting stations, I would have voted against Ponta


Social Democratic Party (PSD)  President Victor Ponta explained his colleagues on Saturday that the second round of presidential elections is mostly based on emotions and that he had made the same mistake as Adrian Nastase by considering that these elections may only be won by reasoning.

“I made another mistake, just like Adrian Nastase in 2004, by considering that presidential elections may be won by sheer reasoning, by the presentation of what you had done. It is wrong. The second round is mostly based on emotions, it means voting against the left wing and, indeed, I repeated the mistake. (…) If I lived abroad and saw on TV what was happening at the voting stations, I would have rushed to vote against Ponta, because he was to blame for what happened. If I have read two days before round two that Ponta and Tariceanu want to cancel sole tax rate, I would have rushed to the voting stations, to keep the tax rate”, Ponta declared.

He also mentioned that another topic of negative campaign against him was “Ponta introduces Romania in Russia”, Agerpres wrote.

“So, please, let us consider the fact that we need to have accomplishments, we need to have projects, but we must not forget that the choice in round two is mostly based on emotions. And if we want to win in 2019, we have to understand this truth we have had trouble dealing with several times in the second round of elections. If have to apologize to anyone who was hurt by my mistakes, but there is one thing I will not forget: on November 16, when I lost, over 5 million of my fellow countrymen came and voted a 42-year-old candidate for President. I want to thank them all, I want to tell them that, if I did not resign as Prime Minister and as PSD chairman, it was precisely in order not to disappoint these people, not to make them say: ‘We came to vote for you and you ran away’”, the PSD chair said.




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