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May 16, 2022

Romania disagrees with the statements of Russian ambassador to Denmark. Defence Minister: Deveselu missile system is defensive

Defence Minister Mircea Dusa says Romania disagrees with the position of Russian ambassador to Copenhagen that all countries participating in the NATO missile defence system will become Russia’s targets, stressing that the shield at Deveselu is a defensive system.

Mircea Dusa was asked by the journalists during a visit to Air Base 71 at Campia Turzii, on Sunday, to comment on the statement made by the Russian ambassador in Denmark that all countries taking part in the NATO missile defence system would be Russia’s targets, Mediafax reports.

‘’The foreign minister has taken a position on the statement made by a Russian ambassador. Of course we do not agree with such a statement and I say it one more time: the missile defence system is a defensive system for the anti-missile protection of NATO member states’, Dusa said.

‘The comments of the Russian ambassador are unacceptable. The line has been crossed’, Danish FM Martin Lidegaard reacted, according to Associated Press.

The US have also responded to Russian ambassador’s statement, through the US Ambassador to Denmark, Ruffus Gifford.

‘The United States are on Denmark’s side condemning the statements made by Russia’s ambassador. Such assertions do not inspire confidence and do not contribute to peace and stability’, US Ambassador Ruffus Gifford reacted in a message on Twitter.

In August 2014, Denmark accepted to participate with at least one frigate in the NATO missile defence system in Europe which will include land elements, stationed in Romania and Poland, and naval installations.


Aurescu expresses solidarity with Danish FM: Threat to sue force against a NATO member state is inadmissible


The Romanian Foreign Minister, Bogdan Aurescu, on Twitter, Saturday night, expressed his full solidarity with Denmark in the context of the assertions made by Russia’s ambassador to Copenhagen on the consequences of a possible participation of the Scandinavian country in the NATO missile defence system, and stressed that the threat to use force against a NATO member state was inadmissible.

The Russian ambassador to Denmark on Saturday warned Denmark not to join the US and NATO missile defence system Moscow deems as a threat, DPA, quoted by stiripesurse.ro reports.

‘I don’t believe the Danes are fully aware of the consequences of Denmark joining the US-led missile defence system’, Mihail Vanin said in an opinion column run by the Jyllands-Posten daily.

‘Should this happen, the Danish ships will become targets for the Russian nuclear missiles’, he added.

‘Denmark would become a part of the threat against Russia, it would be less peaceful and relations with Russia would be affected’, Vanin added.

The Danish Foreign Minister, Martin Lidegaard, answered that the remarks had been ‘unacceptable’ and added that ‘Russia knows it very well that the NATO missile defence system is a defensive capability which is not directed against it’.

‘We are in disagreement on many things with Russia, but it is important that the situation should not escalate’, Lidegaard told Jyllands-Posten.

Denmark announced in August its intention to equip one of its warships with a radar to participate in the missile defence shield.

In his Twitter posting, Aurescu notes he fully agrees with the Danish FM, expressing his ‘full solidarity with Denmark, as a NATO ally of Romania’s, on the matter of Russia’s statements on missile defence’.

‘The threat to sue force against a NATO member state is inadmissible. The missile defence system is for self-defence only, as defined by the UN Charter, and has nothing to do with Russia’, the chief Romanian diplomat further said.



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