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September 30, 2020

Basescu: I am at ease with my terms as head of state, my regime was not wicked

Present at the regional meeting of the Popular Movement Party (PMP) in Timisoara on Saturday, former president Traian Basescu took the opportunity to defend his terms in office again, but also to launch a vehement attack against Premier Victor Ponta.

Basescu pointed out that he is at ease with his terms in office and that his regime was not “wicked” as labeled by Premier Ponta.

“That was meant to be an attack from plagiarist Victor Viorel Ponta, having to do with the wicked regime or something of this sort, the Basescu regime and the disasters that took place. I would like to clear something up before you: in the first four years of my terms Calin Popescu Tariceanu was the Premier, Victor Viorel Ponta was Premier two years and eight months and Emil Boc was Premier three years and four months, three years of which PSD was part of the Boc Government. You have to be silly to believe all Romanians are like you, liars,” the former president stated.

Traian Basescu also stated that he “took the liberty” to do some good things for the country, things for which Victor Ponta is most likely not proud, opiniatimisoarei.ro informs.

“In 2004 I took over the country from Ion Iliescu and Adrian Nastase, in the shape it was in. In 2007, with me president, Romania joined the EU. Ponta was not there, nor Ion Iliescu, nor Adrian Nastase. Maybe wicked regime means the fact that we signed the strategic partnership for the 21st Century with the US. Maybe for him this is an element of wicked regime. For me it’s an element of pride. Maybe because we signed the strategic partnership with United Kingdom. Maybe Mr. Victor Viorel Ponta considers that the regime that signed partnerships with Turkey, South Korea, Poland, has hurt the country. Maybe for him these are bad things. For me they are elements of pride. Maybe for the pro-Chinese Ponta – last year there were waves upon waves of Chinese that were doing everything, from giving him defense armaments to constructing – it’s a bad thing that we have the base in Deveselu. For me it’s an element of pride,” Traian Basescu added.


I left behind a country in which politicians are at the disposal of the judiciary, they should fear the prosecutors, not the other way around


Former president Traian Basescu stated on Saturday before PMP members that met in Timisoara that he left behind “a country in which politicians are at the disposal of the judiciary,” opining that politicians should fear prosecutors, not the other way around.

“I took over a country in which the judiciary was at the disposal of politicians. I left behind a country in which politicians are at the disposal of the judiciary. Politicians should fear prosecutors, not the other way around,” Basescu stated in Timisoara, according to the message posted on Facebook by PMP MEP Siegfried Muresan.


I no longer have personal political aspirations


“I no longer have personal political aspirations. However, I have a moral duty, after so much political experience to contribute to the creation of a new party of the future, not of a party of transition. (…) Although I no longer have political aspirations, I follow with interest the developments taking place on the internal political scene too, as well as those on the European and global one,” Basescu stated according to Agerpres.

He told the approximately 600 PMP members and supporters present at the conference that he is now only their devoted partner “and nothing else,” but that he will always be by their side with advice, particularly advice on what not to do in politics, referring to compromises.

“This is the first regional meeting, I don’t know at how many others I will be invited to or will attend, but I assure you I came in order to encourage this way of meeting you in debates. (…) I don’t want people to say that I am the parent of this party or that this party is mine, because it’s not true, I only had an idea, starting off from what I felt almost instinctively, that Romania needs new parties,” Basescu stated.

The former head of state added that those who entered Romanian politics in the early 1990s have accomplished their mission, the country’s important goals being attained – joining NATO, the European Union – “but we saw we cannot do more.”

“It’s a new stage and what happened in the almost 25 years of transition, which I believe ended with the elections of 16 November 2014, no longer entitles the old political class to offer Romania’s future solutions. There is the need for new parties, I am not talking about parties with 18-year-olds, with people of all ages, but with people that did not take part in the compromises of the transition period,” Basescu stated.


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