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August 14, 2022

Former Finance Minister Darius Valcov, heard at DNA

Former Public Finance Minister Darius Valcov appeared at the National Anti-Corruption Directorate (DNA) on Monday morning, where he was questioned by prosecutors related to charges of abuse of office after allegedly intervening, while he was Mayor of Slatina, in assigning certain contracts to a businessman who had allegedly promised 20 per cent of the sums earned.

Darius Valcov declared, while exiting DNA, that he had made only one statement in front of prosecutors, and that he did not believe the inquiry would be extended in his case.

Asked by journalists whether he thought the inquiry would be approved by Senators of the Legal Committee, Darius Valcov declared that he had no idea.

The demand by DNA to retain and place Darius Valcov under presentive arrest arrived to the secretariat of the Senate on Friday and is going through the legal procedure, respectively being sent to the Permanent Bureau, reunited on Monday, which will forward it to the Legal Committee, for approval. After the demand reaches the Committee, Senator Darius Valcov may see his DNA file and may defend his cause in front of his colleagues in the legal department.

According to the rules of the Senate, in case of a request of retaining and preventive arrest against a Senator, the Legal Committee has a maximum deadline of three days to elaborate the report and to send it to the plenum, for the final ballot.

The Parliament procedure imposes that the vote in the Senate plenum would be issued no later than five days since the report by the Legal Committee is finished.

DNA requested the approval of the Senate in order to retain and to order preventive arrest of Darius Valcov based on charges of abuse of office, after allegedly assigning contracts to a businessman, in return for an alleged bribe of 20 per cent of the attributed sums.

On March 13, DNA prosecutors presented Darius Valcov the charges of abuse of office, based on the crime committed while he was the Mayor of the Municipality of Slatina. Valcov pleaded innocent and claimed he had requested no bribe for intervening for a businessman.

Other suspects in the same file are the present Mayor of Slatina, Mirel Prima, placed in home arrest by the High Court on Saturday evening, and Lucian Petrut Susala, manager of SC Imobiliare Consloc LTD, a company owned by the Mayoralty in Slatina, whom the High Court placed under preventive arrest. Prina is suspected of complicity to influence peddling while Susala is legally prosecuted for forgery of documents under private signature, complicity to influence peddling, tax evasion and money laundering.

The investigators ordered, in the same file, an inquiry on probation of  Bogdan Petrica Timofte and Cristian Constantin Tomescu, both suspected of issuing forged documents under private signature, complicity to influence peddling, tax evasion and money laundering.




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