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May 8, 2021

PM Ponta publishes governing report on blog, says 80 percent goals achieved

Prime Minister Victor Ponta published on Sunday on his personal blog the report of his governing; it shows 80 percent of the goals assumed in his original programme were reached.

‘I am glad we succeeded in achieving 80 percent of the goals we set ourselves in the Social Liberal Union – Strong Romania programme. The economic model and the social justice measures are working – we are on the right path towards increasing the living standard!’ Ponta wrote; he was referring to the USL, the Union of his Social Democrats with the National Liberal Party, the coalition that installed him in the office in May 2012.

Though the Liberals have left the coalition meanwhile, the prime minister claims the Social Democrat Party ‘is facing an apparently unexpected situation – leading a governing that is getting closer to fulfilling all the major promises in the campaign.’

Ponta’s report mentions the new Social-Liberal economic model applied by his successive governments.

‘The cost of labour decreased. There was support for the re-industrialization and key fields (like the IT) were promoted. The economic competitiveness has increased. The taxation was simplified and reduced. The use of European funds was relaunched. We have promised an economic growth above 3 percent in 2013 and we had 3.4 percent; in 2014 we had a growth of 2.9 percent, one of the biggest in Europe. We have promised jobs (one million jobs in eight years) – over 200,000 new jobs were created over the past years, and the pace is growing. We have promised to create jobs and today we are subsidizing half of the wage budgets for some companies; we are subsidizing the employment of young graduates, students, young unemployed and people over 55 years old,’ the report mentions.

The document lists as achieved goals the slashing of social contributions by 5 percent; the cutting of the VAT for food – so far, for bakery products, with other following; the restoration of public employees’ salaries; the raise of small pensions and the indexing of all pensions; the raise of allocations for vulnerable groups; the raise of doctors and teachers with low incomes.

As achievements in progress, the report counts the VAT cut to 18 percent in two years, the raise of the minimum wage to 1,200 lei, and a growing rate of use of the European funds, which already reached 53 percent.

Investments mentioned include regional hospitals under construction, the extension of the Emergency Mobile Resuscitation and Extrication Service (SMURD) throughout the country and the Republic of Moldova, the equipment of county hospitals, the opening of new sports centres and the Extreme Light Infrastructure – Nuclear Physics laser project in Magurele (near Bucharest).

According to Agerpres, the report also mentions the reopening of some schools and hospitals, the overhauling of county hospitals and the opening of new maternity wards, the subsidizing of Internet access for schools, the tax exemption of re-invested profits, the payment of public debt and the elimination of the political influence on the Judiciary.


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