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August 17, 2022

Politologist Alfred Bulai: DNA success and electoral losers

The wave of arrests started by the National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA) has hit all parties. But which one is the most affected in terms of image? The politologist Alfred Bulai launches a surprising hypothesis: paradoxically, DNA’s success hurts a political party that has not ruled the country, dcnews.ro says.

‘All sociological analyses suggest that the DNA action has increased trust in the institution, Bulai says. The DNA chief also has a very good image. Klaus Iohannis, Raed Arafat… just a few personalities have a trust capital of over 50, similarly to Laura Codruta Kovesi. I can’t identify a politician with the same score’.


How affected are political parties whose leaders are summoned to DNA?


‘PSD seems to be the party with the most investigated figures, Bulai says. On the other hand, this party has never identified itself with anti-corruption themes. In other words, PSD’s voters do not have very high expectations in that department. Their image in the field was not very good anyway, which means that the party has not really lost too many points following the latest developments. When mayors are elected, for example, there is a resignation of the voters who do not complain so much about corruption, preferring a person who is able to do things, to be good managers etc. The PSD officials who have been arrested or charged are mostly local leaders or people in the second tier of the party, therefore the decline in the opinion polls does not necessarily come from the shock of arrests, but from the failure in the November presidential election.’


How do disclosures from Basescu’s age affect PDL?

‘The shock PDL – the main party targeted in the investigation of the Basescu administration – could have suffered has been attenuated by its merger with PNL. PDL has attracted voters with a justice-making type of rhetoric, therefore it would have suffered a major image deficit and would have enormously lost if it had not merged with PNL. Maybe it would have even risked not meeting the electoral threshold in 2016. In this way, the debate is no longer focussed on the party, but on politicians. The PDL people who have been charged so far do not even have visible positions. PNL was in the opposition during the Basescu regime. Now, it is being propelled by Iohannis’ victory. In conclusion, large parties have neither gained nor lost in terms of image’.


Who is the main electoral loser?


‘The most affected have been small parties: obviously PMP, but also Monica Macovei’s party. Paradoxically, DNA’s success could hurt Monica Macovei, whose campaign was focussed on anti-corruption. As any politician, she promises things she will do in the future. On the other hand, DNA acts now, leaving Macovei without a theme. If the other demands of the Movement are granted (distance voting, transparency and so on), it will not meet the presidential score in 2016,’ says Bulai quoted by dcnews.ro.



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