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June 28, 2022

Head of Olt Court, arrested for alleged bribe of EUR 200,000

The Head of the Olt Court, Judge Carmen Marinescu, was arrested on Tuesday for allegedly having received a bribe of EUR 200,000 from Sandu Anghel, to help him avoid a prison sentence. The prosecutors discovered that the bribe was used by Marinescu to buy a house and several lots.

The Craiova Territorial Department of the National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA) prosecutors ordered, starting on March 23, 2015, at 5 pm, a 24-hour arrest of defendant Marinescu Eugenia-Carmen, magistrate judge, presently President of the Olt County Court, for having committed the following offences: bribe taking, influence peddling and recurrence in issuing false statements.

Judge Marinescu Eugenia-Carmen has demanded and received, through defendant Cismaru Dumitru – a lawyer in the Olt County Bar, from Sandu Anghel, the sum of EUR 200,000, to order his release during investigation and to pronounce a favourable sentence, respectively acquittal or a conviction that did not include deprivation of freedom, as well as to intervene at the other judges assigned to the cause. Her decision was appealed by Olt County Court prosecutors and the offender was kept behind bars.

According to DNA prosecutors, Carmen Marinescu received the money in two shares, intermediated by lawyer Cismaru Dumitru: EUR 150.000 before the hearing set on August 31, 2011, when she ordered for the first time the replacement of preventive arrest with release on probation with interdiction to leave the locality, and EUR 50,000 on September 20, 2011, as judge Marinescu Eugenia Carmen had postponed pronouncing over the request to replace preventive arrest with preventive prohibition of leaving the locality for September 22, 2011, when she approved the request submitted by the defendant and made the respective replacement.

“After having received the sum of EUR 200,000, three months after the decision issued on September 22, 2011, respectively during December 14 – 22, 2011, Marinescu Eugenia-Carmen and Marinescu luliu-Severus (the defendant’s husband) purchased three lots and a house, and two of these acquisitions were omitted from the magistrate’s wealth declarations”, the DNA Craiova prosecutors revealed.

Marinescu luliu-Severus received from a close friend of lawyer Cismaru Dumitru a donation of a 703 square metre lot and a 29 square metre building at the same location, situated in the locality Baile Olanesti. Actually, to avoid mentioning magistrate judge Marinescu Eugenia-Carmen in the purchase contract of this property, defendants Marinescu luliu-Severus and Cismaru Dumitru detemined the owner to accept signing an act of donation, although, in reality, the parties signed a typical purchase contract and the price of RON 55,000 was paid.

Marinescu luliu-Severus acquired by purchase from another person a 1250 square metre real estate property in the locality Corbu, in Constanta County, at a price that was allegedly underevaluated.

These two acquisitions are not mentioned in the wealth statements issued and submitted in 2012 and 2013 by magistrate judge Marinescu Eugenia-Carmen, according to Article No. 93 of the Law 303/2004.

Moreover, Carmen Marinescu and her husband had purchased a 600 square metre urban lot located in the Municipality of Slatina and moved by the Local Council from public domain to the inventory of private possessions in Slatina by Decree No. 170 of July 26, 2011, issued by the Local Council of Slatina. The transaction was mentioned in the magistrate’s wealth declaration.

Actually, all these properties, as well as the one in the locality Corbu, Constanta County, were purchased from the sum of EUR 200,000 pretended and received by suspect Marinescu Eugenia-Carmen, through defendant Cismaru Dumitru, and all these actions were completed in order to hide or to dissimulate the illegal source of these goods and to help persons who had committed the offences that determined the acquiring of these goods to avoid legal responsibility.

Suspect Marinescu Eugenia Carmen was notified on her quality as a defendant and on the charges, as stipulated by article 307 in the Criminal Procedure Code.

The husband of the Olt County Court was already placed under 30-day preventive arrest on Saturday, by a decision issued by the rights and liberties judge of the Appeal Court of Craiova. The same measure was ordered for lawyer Cismaru Dumitru as well, while another defendant was placed on probation.

The denunciation against the defendants was made by one of Anghel’s family members and, on Saturday, the President of the Olt County Court was also interrogated at DNA Craiova for an alleged bribe of EUR 50,000.




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