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May 15, 2021

Deputy Prime-Minister Gabriel Oprea: ‘I believe in Klaus Iohannis and in Victor Ponta, either you like it or not’

In an interview to Realitatea TV Monday night, Deputy Prime Minister Gabriel Oprea eulogized both Victor Ponta and President Klaus Iohannis. Speaking about the premier, the UNPR leader described him as ‘a young man with a great future’, remarking the fair play with which he admitted to his defeat in the presidential runoff election. ‘He is a much better politician than myself, a young man who, unlike me, knows to admit to his failures. He is a smart person who will have a say in politics. I strongly believe that (…). He is a very good prime-minister; h has not a left-wing policy, he has a policy for Romania. He has taken many measures that even surprised the Liberals’, said the UNPR leader, who thinks that ‘Ponta is good for the European Union’.

On his relationship with the president of the country, Gabriel Oprea said: ‘I continue to believe in Klaus Iohannis and in Victor Ponta, either you like it or not’. ‘UNPR’s national interest marches’ a president like him, Oprea said. ‘I have known him for a long time, we have always respected one another; a reliable person who keeps his word. I believe UNPR’s national interest matches a president like Klaus Iohannis’, Oprea also said. He added that he would support the president in all major national security projects for the simple reason that he believed in the presidential institution, the institution of the state and Romania.

Asked if he was meeting with Alina Gorghiu or Vasile Blaga, Gabriel Oprea said he was, explaining that they were not ‘political enemies’, but competitors at most. As a matter of fact, the deputy prime-minister noted that ‘I am in the Government and I have never pulled down a government I was a member of’.

‘I believe in a national project where UNPR is a trustworthy party. The current government works for this country, Iohannis is a providential president’, he said.

‘Romania is a miracle, today a safe, proud country that generates security and stability for the whole of Europe, our partners appreciate us and they are not stupid’, Oprea also said, reminding of the meeting with FBI Director James B. Comey.

UNPR leader, Gabriel Oprea confessed that the US official had told him: ‘you have come a long way, you have leapfrogged many stages’. The Romanian minister said how he had shown to the FBI official the famous balcony, adding: ‘he has personally invited me to the USA, an exceptional person’.

The UNPR leader said his party was gaining terrain slowly but surely, receiving 125,000 new members only in the last month, and that the declared target was 1 M members by 2016.

Asked how UNPR would vote in Parliament on Wednesday on Sova, Valcov and Nicolescu’s immunity cases, Oprea suggested that his party would vote for lifting their immunity: ‘with all respect for justice’. ‘We cannot do anything else’, he said.

Deputy Prime-Minister Gabriel Oprea also praised George Maior’s activity at the helm of the Romanian Intelligence Service, saying that he would welcome him in UNPR anytime. ‘I don’t know if he will be in politics. I would take him anytime (in UNPR – editor’s note); he is a true brand’, Oprea said.

Asked if he trusted the current SRI chief, Eduard Hellvig, Oprea said he did.


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