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September 30, 2020

Ioan Rus compares DNA chief with Vlad the Impeller

Transport Minister Ioan Rus said, during the 2014 Interior Minister work report meeting, that the connections between the political environment and police workers were a vulnerability of the fight against corruption only if the assumption was made if one of the two categories was corrupt in block. In that way, Minister Rus contradicted DNA Chief-Prosecutor Laura Codruta Kovesi, who had warned policemen that they should keep clear of politicians in order not to fall into the trap of corruption.

‘I disagree that relations between politicians and policemen is a vulnerability of the system fighting corruption. It could be, but only if we start from the assumption that one group are correct and the other are corrupt’, Ioan Rus said. The minister pointed out that the combating of corruption was not a process where a certain institution held monopoly. ‘In reality, this fight should be fought by us all. A positive image of an institution of the state can be built by all of us, it is not the prerogative of a certain institution (…). It’s pointless to either love or hate Mrs. Codruta. She is just doing her job properly. However, we should al be doing our jobs and see how we can truly develop this country’, Rus said.

He said that an equally important element in the fight against corruption was the creation of a robust national economy where the local capital should be strong. ‘There have been fights in waves. Vlad the Impeller did the same. Boyars moved to the Turks and the consequences become visible hundreds of years afterwards’, Ioan Rus also said.

The National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA) chief Laura Codruta Kovesi said during the MAI meeting presenting the 2014 work report, on Monday, that the number of corruption cases had grown among top-ranking officials in the two institutions, one vulnerability being ‘the connections between MAI employees and local politicians or businessmen’.


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