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September 28, 2022

Basescu on Facebook: I don’t believe Valcov denounced me at DNA

“I don’t believe Darius Valcov denounced me but if he did it would be a lie,” Traian Basescu wrote on Facebook, adding that the information is meant to try “to hide the scandal over the vote for Sova.”

President Traian Basescu’s reaction comes after the press published the information according to which Darius Valcov went to the National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA) on Wednesday morning, several hours before the Romanian Senate approved the DNA’s request to place him under arrest, where he allegedly made two denunciations in which the names of former president Traian Basescu and former Democrat Liberal Party (PDL) President Vasile Blaga appear.

According to judicial sources quoted by Romania TV, Darius Valcov admitted that he took EUR 2 M from the representatives of Tehnologica Radion and other companies, but told prosecutors that he gave the money to PDL, the party whose member he was at the time.

The denunciations made by Darius Valcov come shortly after prosecutors started a criminal probe against him, accusing him of influence peddling and business actions incompatible with the office held.


Valcov interrogated by DNA again, on the day the Senate decided his preventive arrest


Former Finances Minister Darius Valcov was called on Wednesday morning at about 9:30 am, at DNA, for a new series of hearings, while the Senate plenum was reunited starting at 10 am to analyze the preventive arrest request on the name of Valcov, filed by DNA.

The Legal Committee reunited on Tuesday to decide on the DNA request of retaining and arrest against the former Finances Minister, PSD Senator Darius Valcov. At the ballot, the score was equal. The request gained five positive votes, five negative ones and one abstaining.

The National Anti-Corruption Directorate (DNA) demanded on Tuesday the arrest of Darius Valcov, resigned Finances Minister and PSD Senator, accused by prosecutors of having taken bribe of approximately EUR 2,000,000 as Mayor of the county Slatina, to assign municipality contracts to certain companies.

On Tuesday, DNA issued a new preventive arrest request against Darius Valcov, accusing him of committing, while exercising his position as Senator and Minister in Romania’s Government, the offence of performing financial operations, such as trade acts, incompatible with his position, attribution or tasks completed and performing financial transaction using information acquired due to his position, attribution or tasks.

Actually, since 2011, Valcov has completed financial or trade operations incompatible with his positions as Mayor, Senator and Minister, using information he acquired based on these positions, about an assessor’s office, an accounting office and a lawyers’ office, companies he owns in fact and manages through intermediates.

According to the report filed by DNA, the proposal to found the three companies was made by Valcov in 2011, as Mayor of the municipality of Slatina. The Mayor gave the respective person approximately RON 1.5 million to fund the foundation, management and equipment of the companies.

The prosecutors showed that Valcov had conceived a business plan on several sheets of paper, where he had also noted estimated expenses and earnings, as well as the percentage of the income he and his associate would gain after the three businesses were developed.

The companies were founded based on the money granted by Valcov, who was kept being periodically sent various papers and reports of expenses, and made decisions regarding whom to include in the group of shareholders and whom to appoint as a manager. Despite all of these things, the former Finances Minister had allegedly cashed no money from the three companies and had completed the latest discussions on the management of the companies at the beginning of the year 2015.

In the same year, 2011, Darius Valcov allegedly gave the same acquaintance a safe only he and one of his close friends could access.

According to the DNA report, “in the year 2011, Valcov Darius Bogdan has demanded this person to keep a safe at his home. Regarding the respective safe, both Valcov Bogdan Darius and Susala Lucian were accessing it, after announcing him by phone in advance and being granted access in the building by the keeper. While Valcov Bogdan Darius and Susala Lucian were accessing the safe, no other person residing in the building was present to what was happening in the respective room. Later, in 2015, Valcov Bogdan Darius moved the safe to the commune Osica de Sus, in Olt County”.

After opening the safe, prosecutors found inside USD 90,000, RON 1,323,850, three gold bars of a total weight of 3 kg, a painting with golden frame, signed by Renoir, a painting signed by Jean Cocteau and a painting on wood, signed Aurel Acasandrei.

On Wednesday, Valcov had his 38th birthday.



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