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August 10, 2022

CSM Judge Danilet “I don’t believe anticorruption has led to a drop in the number of the corrupt, but to an increase in the bribe demanded instead.”

Judge Cristi Danilet, member of the Superior Magistracy Council (CSM), stated on Wednesday that in his opinion anticorruption measures have not had as an effect a drop in the number of people involved in corruption cases, however the risk of being caught has led to an increase in the bribe demanded.

“The criminal prosecution bodies’ activity or efficiency is more intense, and all of us see it on television. Romanians almost suffer from a kind of withdrawal syndrome, “let’s turn the television on and see who was arrested today.” We live in the era of the desire of having people arrested and handcuffed. I hope to experience eras in which we will want people not to break the law, but I believe that until this desideratum is fulfilled we are thrilled with the fact that today prosecutors do their duty as they should,” Danilet stated at the conference titled “Efficient solutions for fight against corruption and fraud,” Agerpres informs.

He pointed out that it is very important for people to trust the judiciary, lack of trust leading precisely to the favouring of corruption.

“I would like to dispel another myth: you should not believe that all those arrested are also guilty, because the reasons for arrest are not necessarily the same ones that will lead to a sentencing. There is the possibility that the person detained or arrested may not be guilty of committing a crime. There is a difference between reasons for arrests and reasons for sentencing,” Danilet added.


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