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May 23, 2022

Elena Udrea’s new message: Kovesi’s DNA leaves thieves at large

In a message titled “When Kovesi’s DNA leaves thieves at large,” a message signed by “The Communication Team,” Elena Udrea states that “the good denouncer not only gets to avoid using the prison cell’s toilet but he also avoids indictment and is left with the stolen money too.”

“Take a look at Florica and Pescariu. And there will be others too. How do Kovesi’s people distinguish between good and bad denouncers? Answer: depending on the victim they chose, the person they want to see behind bars,” Elena Udrea added.

“Example: four people steal and the DNA targets only one of them. What happens then? They summon the other three to make statements against the one they chose as a trophy and let the others go. Although they should not benefit from the positive rigors of the law. Florica and Pescariu were the initiators of an organized crime group,” Elena Udrea added.

According to her, Dorin Cocos was a “target” in the Microsoft case. “And that was because he was the husband of Elena Udrea and the probe had to reach her. Have you seen anyone else arrested in the midst of a campaign, apart from Cocos and Pinalti? Answer: NO. And that despite the fact that 9 ministers, dozens of businessmen and government officials, even foreign ambassadors, are involved in the case,” Elena Udrea says.

In the last part of the message, she adds:

“What is interesting is that the denouncers have something in common – their lawyer. We are talking about Rares Dan, the son of former Securitate general Gheorghe Dan, Florian Coldea’s kind of mentor. When Rares Dan takes over a case the DNA exonerates his clients. These things can be checked and I encourage the good faith press to do so.

Soon the Bute Boxing Gala denouncers will probably use his services too. Let nobody be surprised if all those that gave statements against me will be free, exonerated of any fault and seen as veritable national heroes, despite the fact that they admitted their guilt and corruption crimes.

This is not how justice is served and this is not how we will find out the truth.

P.S.1 The Microsoft case appeared in July, Pescariu and Florica gave statements in August. They should not have benefitted from the “washing away of sins” – they did not make their denunciations before the start of the criminal probe.

P.S.2 It would be of interest to verify how the prosecutors (who are Mrs. Kovesi’s assistants) negotiated immunity for Stelian Gheorghe in the Microsoft case that also extends onto Ana Maria Topoliceanu in the Bute Boxing Gala case.”


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