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August 15, 2022

Major public institutions join Earth Hour campaign

The Presidential Administration announced on Friday that it is joining this year the Earth Hour campaign.Two other major public institutions, the Parliament and the Government have announced earlier they would join the campaign, pleading for a healthy environment and for an efficient use of resources. The Bucharest City Mayoralty will also mark the event by turning off the lights in the Bucharest City Mayoralty offices, urging the city’s denizens to turn off the lights and unplug their electrical devices in stand-by on Saturday, between 20:30hrs and 21:30hrs, local.

This year’s Earth Hour events are carried out under the slogan “Give nature some of your energy!” and designed to draw attention to the effects of environmental pollution. Besides Bucharest City, there are 7,000 other cities in 162 countries taking part in the Earth Hour.

Under the Earth Hour campaign initiated by WWF, millions of people, companies and organisations from the entire world have been mobilised, making it the biggest environmental event in history.

The Earth Hour campaign is conducted each year on the last Saturday of March at 20:30hrs, local.



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