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September 16, 2021

Romanian airline Tarom: Our policy is that the cockpit should never contain a single person during flight

Tarom policy provides that, during flight, the cockpit be manned by more than one person, said, on Friday, through a release, the air operator.

“The Operations Manual of the Tarom Company provides instructions regarding access and exit of the cockpit during flight. According to these instructions, Tarom policy is that the cockpit should never contain a single person. If a member of the flight crew leaves the cabin during flight, he must request a member of the cabin crew to replace him in the cabin until his return”, Tarom mentions.

The Tarom clarifications come in the context in which, two days ago, a flight of the low-cost company Germanwings crashed in the French Alps with 150 persons on board. The investigation revealed the fact that after the exit of the flight captain from the cockpit, “the copilot was left alone at the controls” and “deliberately manipulated the buttons controlling the descent of the aircraft”. “The copilot refused to open the door to allow the flight captain to return to the cockpit” even though he was “violently” knocking on the door. “The commander is heard several times asking for the door to be opened, but the copilot does not respond”, explained French prosecutor Brice Robin who investigated the crash.


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