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February 3, 2023

Constitutional Court to discuss Sova case appeal on April 8

Constitutional Court of Romania  (CCR) has decided on Friday to debate on April 8 the notifications sent by President Klaus Iohannis and PNL in regard to a solution to the legal conflict of a constitutional nature concerning the vote cast by the Senate on the request to approve the detention and preventive arrest of Dan Sova.

Constitutional Court President Augustin Zegrean considers that the Senate and the Lower Chamber should include in a document the result of a negative decision too, a decision like the one adopted on Wednesday in the case of Dan Sova, who was helped by his colleagues to avoid preventive arrest.

Zegrean stated on Friday morning, before the CCR meeting, that two notifications concerning the Sova case were received – one from President Klaus Iohannis and “one from the Senate, for Article 173 of the regulations,” ziare.com writes.

Asked whether the second notification was filed by PNL, Augustin Zegrean answered affirmatively.

“Now I am going to see the files, I’ll allocate the rapporteurs, we will set a deadline,” the CCR President added.

Subsequently, it was announced that the notifications will be debated on April 8.

Augustin Zegrean refused to make comments on existing “guilt” in the Sova case, but underscored that “the summary definition of the rule of law is that those issuing the laws have to respect them in their turn too.”

Asked whether the Senate’s decision in the Sova case can still be changed, Augustin Zegrean refused to make any comment, but pointed out: “We won’t judge just for the sake of it, we will take a decision.”


Sova to continue teaching at Law Faculty: I’m not in a corruption case, it was an abuse


Senator Dan Sova will continue to teach fiscal law to the students of the Bucharest Faculty of Law, after anticorruption prosecutors asked for his preventive arrest on three counts of being an accessory to malfeasance in office. Dean Flavius Baias stated there is no document that would attest the change of Sova’s statute as professor at the Faculty of Law where he is currently a lecturer, HotNews.ro informs.

“Neither our records nor those of the Bucharest University (which is our employer) contain any document concerning the changing of the professorship of university lecturer Dan Sova,” Faculty of Law Dean Flavius Baias stated for HotNews.ro.

Asked by HotNews.ro whether he wants to continue teaching at the Faculty of Law, considering that he is accused by prosecutors of three counts of being an accessory to malfeasance in office, Dan Sova stated that he is suspected of being a moral accessory to malfeasance in office, not of corruption.

“I am not in a case of corruption. Haven’t you read the Penal Code? I am in a case concerning moral complicity to malfeasance in office. It’s not a corruption case,” Sova stated for Hotnews. Asked whether he considers it is moral to teach fiscal law in the context in which DNA has requested his arrest, Sova answered: “It was an abuse.” Sova ended the interview after that.

At the same time, another professor suggests Sova can continue to teach. Asked whether he believes that the faculty’s leadership will take any measure against Dan Sova, Razvan Dinca, professor within the Faculty of Law, stated that he does not believe that will happen before the legal conditions are met.

On the other hand, a reputed Faculty of Law professor that preferred to remain anonymous compared Dan Sova’s case to that for former prime minister Adrian Nastase who went through a similar situation in his turn too, after he was sentenced to jail in the “Quality Trophy” case two years ago. After numerous newspaper articles Adrian Nastase lost his professorship within the Faculty of Law.

“One thing is simple and has to be said. Through his behavior Mr. Sova has dishonored the profession of lawyer. In what concerns the profession of professor, let us not forget that Adrian Nastase was professor long after the deeds he was accused of were committed too. It is a reflection of the society we find ourselves in and of the way this society perverts values and renders principles irrelevant,” another Faculty of Law professor that wanted to remain anonymous stated for HotNews.



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