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September 27, 2021

Nearly 2,000 Catholics walk in Palm Sunday procession held in Bucharest

Nearly 2,000 Catholics, including young people, children and priests from Bucharest parishes as well as nuns and monks on Sunday marched in a Palm Sunday procession held in Bucharest by the Roman Catholic Archbishopric.

During the procession, which took nearly one hour to complete and was soaked in rain, the celebrants carried budding branches and sang church hymns and songs.

The young people in the front of the procession carried a World Youth Day Cross to mark the World Youth Day, which is celebrated on the same day as Palm Sunday by the Catholic Church.

‘This is a big day to the entire Christendom, because what happens today for the Roman Catholic believers is Palm Sunday, which signifies Lord Jesus the Saviour’s triumphal march into Jerusalem,’ said spokesman for the Roman Catholic Bishopric Francisc Dobos.

The route started at the French Church and continued down to the Aviatorilor Boulevard, the Victoriei Square, the Victoriei Road, General Berthelot Street, down to the St. Joseph Roman Catholic Cathedral.

The spokesman explained that the believers’ prayers during the procession are for the entire city, not just for their own community.

At the end of the procession at the St. Joseph Cathedral, a church service was held presided over by Bucharest Metropolitan Bishop Ioan Robu.

Palm Sunday marks the beginning of the Holy Week, when the passions of Jesus Christ are remembered and reenacted. For the Catholic believers, taking part in the Palm Sunday procession and church service is a way of testifying their faith and unity with all the Catholics of Romania and the entire world.


President celebrates Palm Sunday with Roman Catholics and Protestants


“Catholic and Protestant Christians celebrated Palm Sunday today. In the old days, Palm Sunday was a special day particularly for Saxon children in Transylvania, because it was their day of Confirmation in Church, a day in which they left childhood behind and were welcomed in the community of adults. I wish health and happiness to all those celebrating Palm Sunday today!” the Head of State wrote on Facebook.

The Head of State spent his Palm Sunday in Sibiu, alongside the First Lady.


PM Ponta greets Catholics, Protestants on Palm Sunday


Prime Minister Victor Ponta is wishing a clear and peaceful day with the family to Catholics and Protestants, who are celebrating today Palm Sunday.

Today is Palm Sunday for Catholics and Protestants. I wish them an as clear as possible and peaceful feast day together with their families. I hope that the incoming Easter holidays will find us more united and better persons,’ says Ponta in a Facebook post.



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