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August 10, 2022

Protests after vote on Dan Sova case

Hundreds of Romanians took to the streets in several cities on Friday and Saturday evening, protesting against the Parliament vote that saved Senator Dan Sova from arrest.

Approximately one hundred persons gathered in Bucharest’s University Square, protesting against the Parliament’s failure to approve the DNA request to detain and arrest Dan Sova. People chanted “we want justice,” “we don’t waver.”

In Cluj-Napoca approximately 200 people gathered in Unirii Square and marched through the city, their message being that immunity should not protect corruption. “We want integrity, not immunity!” the protesters shouted.

“I am bothered by parliamentary immunity, I believe no politician should have it because if you are a correct person you should not rely on parliamentary immunity,” a protester explained.

Sibiu. People protested in Sibiu too, despite the cold and rainy weather. The 200 protesters promised they will take to the streets again if the law on the immunity of members of parliament is not modified.

“I came out into the street during the 1989 revolution here, in the square. I stood in front of the bullets. Not for this! Not for this!” one of the protesters stated.

“We are at the end of our tether over what happens in our Parliament,” another one added.

“Without waver, we want justice in the country,” they shouted.

Iasi. A somewhat smaller but just as vehement protest took place in Iasi too. 60 people took to the streets carrying placards, flags and a bullhorn.

“Senator Sova has been protected by his Senate colleagues in order not to face the judiciary. Well, if you’re innocent why don’t you go in court, Mr. Sova? To prove your innocence,” one of the protesters stated for digi24.ro.

Brasov. 30 people gathered for a protest in Brasov too but since their protest was not authorized they quickly disbanded.

PNL’s shadow premier Catalin Predoiu called on Romanians to take to the streets and protest against the Senate’s vote on the Dan Sova case.

PNL Co-President Alina Gorghiu however claimed the contrary. “Citizens cannot be mobilized for protests through politicians’ calls on Facebook,” Gorghiu stated according to Romania TV.


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