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December 9, 2022

Romania to pay another EUR 128.1 M to EU and WB in 2015

Romania has to reimburse another EUR 128.1 M to the European Union and the World Bank this year, for the stand-by agreement signed in 2009, according to data offered by the Public Finance Ministry (MFP).

Since the start of the year our country has reimbursed over EUR 1.732 bln to the IMF, EU and WB.

The biggest part of the sum, namely over EUR 1.546 bln, was reimbursed on January 1 to the EU, of which EUR 1.5 bln represented capital rate reimbursements and RON 46.2 M represented interests and fees.

On February 1 the Romanian state reimbursed RON 18.3 M to the World Bank (interests and fees), and on February 5 it reimbursed EUR 3 M to the IMF (interests and fees). Likewise, on February 23 Romania reimbursed EUR 162 M (capital rate reimbursements) to the IMF. On March 1 Romania reimbursed EUR 3.2 M to the World Bank (interests and fees).

The reimbursements are for the financial package received by Romania from international lenders in 2009, which totaled EUR 19.95 bln.

In 2009 Romania signed a 24-month stand-by agreement worth EUR 12.95 bln with the IMF, part of a support package of EUR 19.95 bln offered by the IMF, EU and WB.

From this commitment with the IMF Romania received seven of the eight installments entailed, totaling 10.57 billion SDRs (approximately EUR 11.9 bln).

The eighth installment was considered precautionary, at the request of the Romanian authorities, and was not used against the backdrop of favorable macroeconomic developments.



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