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June 26, 2022

Udrea files complaint against prosecutors: Kovesi in fact leads investigation in Bute Boxing Gala case

Elena Udrea’s communication team wrote on Facebook that in Elena Udrea’s case the prosecutors tried to hide evidence that favored her. Moreover, the former president of the Popular Movement Party (PMP) accuses the judges that on Monday, the day when they decided to extend her arrest warrant in the Bute Boxing Gala case, they received the solution “in an envelope.”

“Elena Udrea’s lawyers have filed a complaint at the Superior Magistracy Council (CSM), pointing out the irregularities committed by the prosecutors handling the Bute Boxing Gala investigation.

We underscore that we are not dealing with just any prosecutors in this case, but we are talking about personal advisors of the DNA’s chief prosecutor. Basically, Laura Codruta Kovesi in fact leads the investigation in this case.

And that is visible from the point of view of the hunt started against Elena Udrea.

We hereby present some point-by-point and perfectly demonstrable elements:

  1. All people summoned at the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) are asked, in one form or the other, whether they know anything that would incriminate Udrea. The end goal is to generate, at any cost, new and new criminal cases, the evidence or the fact that all these criminal complaints are apparently made under pressure does not matter.
  2. Because we mentioned pressures, on Monday, when the mandate on extending the preventive arrest in the Bute Boxing Gala was trialed, the other two defendants that are under arrest – Rudel Obreja and Tudor Breazu – stated that prosecutors exerted pressures on them in order to make statements against Elena Udrea. There were even promises concerning release. This shows that truth and justice are not sought, incriminating Udrea is sought instead. The public perception (real!) that anyone who makes statements against the former Development minister walks free is being generated.
  3. The prosecutors are trying to hide from judges important evidence and elements that favor the defendants and Elena Udrea in particular. In fact, the report on whose basis the extension of the arrest warrant was requested contains statements taken out of context so as to create a story.
  4. DNA prosecutors released Ana Maria Topoliceanu (placed under judicial control) despite the fact that there is very clear evidence that she tried to influence and coerce Tudor Breazu into making a statement against Elena Udrea.
  5. The moment the arrest warrant was extended was specially chosen so that the case would fall in the hands of a certain judge. The principle according to which the file should be handled by an independent judge is practically very seriously violated. It’s clear the solution on Monday came into an envelope.
  6. The prosecutors did not allow Elena Udrea or her lawyers to raise some relevant questions. One of them for Ana Maria Topoliceanu: “on the day in which Alina Bica was detained, did she have a meeting with Gheorghe Stelian, in which the latter told her that he negotiated at the DNA protection for her too in the cases she might be involved in?” This would have showed that some are targets while others are protected.
  7. Prosecutors fulfill only half of their duties – they administer only the evidence that suits them and neglect all statements and evidence that favor the defendants they want to destroy.

We believe that in order for justice to be served the way in which a criminal investigation takes place should be equally legal and equitable. From this perspective, the Bute Boxing Gala case no longer meets the criteria needed for fairness.

Thus, it would be preferable for the only institution that can concretely act to stop abuses, the Superior Magistracy Council, to start an investigation into this case,” Elena Udrea’s communication team posted on her Facebook page.

The High Court of Justice admitted on Monday the DNA’s request to extend by another 30 days the preventive arrest measure taken against former minister Elena Udrea, who is a defendant in the Bute Boxing Gala case.


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