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October 22, 2021

Who approved Basescu’s move to Scrovistea Palace?

Former president Traian Basescu has finally vacated the Lac 3 Villa reserved for acting presidents, despite the fact that he should have done so long ago. Thus, acting President Klaus Iohannis can now move in the rightful official residence that Basescu occupied until now. Through a government decision, the Executive established a month ago that the former president’s new residence should be the villa located in Gogol 2 Street. The villa where Mioara Roman lived until last year is not renovated however.

During Antena 3’s “Sinteza Zilei” talk-show on Thursday evening, journalist Mihai Gadea presented the information according to which former Romanian President Traian Basescu has moved to and will live at the Scrovistea Palace that belonged to the Royal Family and that was used by Nicolae Ceausescu as a summer residence.

The journalist presented a series of photographs showing how the former head of state’s car entered the Scrovistea domain accompanied by several trucks. Likewise, Gadea wondered how the former president ended up living at Scrovistea and in what capacity.

According to sources, it is possible Traian Basescu will use the Scrovistea estate only temporarily, after he vacates the Lac 3 Villa.

The estate has a total of four protocol villas and 2,500 hectares of forest and is located 30 kilometers from Bucharest.

The Scrovistea estate is open only to presidents and their guests. The estate is very large. It contains four protocol villas with residential bowling alleys, swimming pools and 2,500 hectares of forest.

The construction of the domain was ordered by King Carol I because it was proven that this area had the purest air in the country. Former president Ion Iliescu often came to relax here and the press used to write that former premier Adrian Nastase used to hunt in the nearby forests. The palace is owned by RAAPPS, sources from within RAAPPS confirming that the former head of state will allegedly move there.

Nevertheless, persons from Traian Basescu’s entourage have not confirmed the information, but they have not dismissed it either, and the head of government claims he is not aware of any decision in this sense.

On the other hand, Carmen Iohannis stated repeatedly that she cannot move to Bucharest permanently until the Lac Villa reserved for acting presidents is vacated.

Asked whether the Presidential Administration has issued any notice for Traian Basescu to move to the Scrovistea villa, after he vacated the Lac 3 Villa, spokesperson Tatiana Niculescu Bran made the following statement:

“The Presidential Administration has no official capacity to approve the former president’s move to Scrovistea. The Scrovistea center is part of the material base for presentation and protocol activities and is managed exclusively by RAAPPS,” Tatiana Niculescu Bran stated for PSnews.ro.

We remind our readers that Victor Ponta was asked on Thursday whether the government has approved the offer of a temporary residence to former president Traian Basescu, against the backdrop of allegations that the former president left the Lac 3 Villa and moved to Scrovistea.

“I don’t know, the government doesn’t have to approve anything, the only Government Decision I approved was based on the law that refers to former heads of state and concerns a residence that is now being renovated. His locative case is not the prerogative of the government or mine, I do not know it and I don’t want to comment on it,” Ponta said.


Iliescu harshly criticizes Basescu: It’s an incomprehensible attitude


Former president Ion Iliescu criticized Traian Basescu on Saturday. Iliescu stated that Traian Basescu’s move to Scrovistea “is an incomprehensible attitude for a man with national-level responsibility and in the situation in which the country faces many problems.”

“Emil Constantinescu and I have been presidents for some time, but I believe we both behaved decently in the post-presidency period. (…) Decency should mark the thinking of all those that became former presidents,” Ion Iliescu stated for stiripesurse.ro. He stated that he lives in a simple house he bought and that he never needed another place to live.


Basescu : I have moved temporarily to Scrovistea, at my request


Former president, Traian Basescu on Monday announced he has moved temporarily to Scrovistea, in a location belonging to the state-run authority in charge with dignitaries’ residences, RA-APPS.

“This is for those ‘who cannot die because they care about the others’ … I have moved temporarily to Scrovistea, at my request, in a location held by the RA-APPS which includes a bedroom, a living-room, a bathroom, a study and a kitchen. All in all, maximum 120 sqm, according to my demands, not to overload uselessly my maintenance bill. When the RA-APPS will end repairing the residence in No. 2 Gogol street, which I have signed a contract for, I’ll move back to Bucharest. I benefit from no forests, no hunting areas,” the former head of state wrote on his Facebook page.


Ponta: Such thing was never passed through the Government


In reply, Prime Minister Victor Ponta said he knows nothing about the moving of former president Basescu to Scrovistea and that ‘such thing was never passed through the Government’.


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