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January 21, 2022

ANAF between applying the law and abusing the law

Numerous representatives of SMEs, small restaurants and hotel trusts have been complaining in recent days about the abuses made by the National Fiscal Administration Agency (ANAF) in combating tax evasion. Premier Victor Ponta stated that ANAF’s possible abuses will be punished.

“If there are abuses made by ANAF these abuses will certainly be punished but, at the same time, I notice there is a brotherhood of tax evaders. We have companies, in the mass-media too, that owe over RON 100 M to the state budget and, obviously, they then fight ANAF in order not to pay taxes and fees. I believe it would be fair for those who criticize to first and foremost pay their taxes and fees because otherwise, when you pay no taxes and no fees it is easy to criticize. Big or small, everyone has to respect the law,” Ponta said.

On Friday Ponta stated that Antifraud Directorate inspectors have to apply the anti-tax evasion policy with severity but within the limits of the law and with common sense, without excesses.


Monica Macovei asks Romanians to take to the streets: “Stake out every ANAF office”


MEP Monica Macovei, founder of the M10 party, has asked Romanians on Monday to take to the streets in order to react against the measures recently taken by the National Fiscal Administration Agency (ANAF). Macovei believes that the Agency should target big debtors, not to kill off small family-owned businesses “that create jobs.”

“But what do we see these days? We see ANAF’s new cars with tinted windows – because they’ve bought new cars – going to the markets, boutiques, small stores where families have small businesses and shutting them down for differences of RON 3, 5, 10. Good people, ANAF is designed to go after big debtors, not to kill off this small, private, family business sector that creates jobs! You have to promote it in order to create jobs, not to stop it, not to freeze its accounts, not to issue a fine it will never be able to pay. You’ve shut it down and you’ve left two or three people without jobs!” Monica Macovei stated on Digi24.

“On the other hand, those with large untaxed wealth, those that received final court rulings, the ones from which you should confiscate hundreds of millions, probably sit on the beach, in various islands, or play the roulette in Monaco,” he added.

At the same time, the former Justice Minister underscored that essential in the fight against corruption is to confiscate bribe money and money that cannot be justified, but also that Romania does not need another agency for the recovery of damages. Macovei claims that protests could be a solution in order to put public pressure on ANAF.

“I am glad every time people take to the streets, even if they are 5, 10 or 100. And more and more have to take to the streets, because indifferent people are the greatest danger to democracy. We have to take to the streets! This is not instigation, it’s the exercise of our right to protest. If we are not careful the ruling power will conquer us completely. And I would say: go out and stake out every ANAF office!” the MEP stated.


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