EU not to finance M4 highway linking Hungary and Romania

According to press information, the Hungarians have bigger problems than Romanians in what concerns the financing of the M4 Highway that goes from Budapest to Bors (Romania) and then Targu Mures.

Hungary has average costs more than twice higher than Romania’s average costs when it comes to the construction of new highways, a fact that has determined the European Union to refuse to finance the new M4 Highway that would link Budapest, Szolnok and Bors (Romania). The European authorities suspect the creation of a cartel that raises the price of a kilometre of highway, so that Hungary cannot use European funds in order to construct this highway.

Thus, while the highways constructed in the last two years in Romania in line with cost norms have reached an average price of EUR 6 M per kilometre, in the context in which they are built in areas with hills and plains, in Hungary the costs of the new M4 Highway have been estimated at EUR 13.3 M per kilometre in similar terrain.


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