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March 29, 2023

Klaus Iohannis : 100 days since taking over presidential mandate

President Klaus Iohannis on Tuesday, 100 days since he has become head of state, reviewed his main achievements over this period, underscoring the constitutional responsibilities he has in regards with national defence, national security and foreign policy.

“Today, 100 days have passed since I have become Romania’s President. This period is a first step towards the Romania we are building together,” Iohannis said in a post on Facebook.

He brought to mind the signing of the political agreement on increasing funding for defence, pointing out that this contributes to the national security “in a period of concerns at the EU and NATO eastern border.” In context, Iohannis also said that Romania is consolidating the Strategic Partnership with the USA in the political, military, security and economy areas.

“My visit to the NATO headquarters confirmed Romania’s commitment to the North-Atlantic partners and the strengthening of the eastern flank. The servicemen I paid a visit to at Cincu are participating together with the Allies in difficult and risky missions abroad. They are acknowledged for their courage and professionalism,” the head of state added.

Iohannis reminded of the official visit paid to Kiev, showing that he gave guarantees to Ukraine’s President on Romania’s militating for a diplomatic solving of the tensions with Russia.

“In Warsaw, I established with President Komorowski a new relation between our administrations and a close collaboration in the realm of regional security,” Klaus Iohannis also said.

On the other hand, he also brought to mind his other official visits, to France, Germany and the Republic of Moldova.

“Foreign policy is done for the citizens and in the citizens’ interest. In Paris I invited the French investors to come to Romania with confidence. In Germany I said that the Romanians working there are a loss for Romania and a gain for Germany. We shall build a Romania where those who left [abroad] will come home. (…) Romania supports the European path of the Republic of Moldova and the reform efforts in Chisinau,” the head of state pointed out in his post.

The President underscored that in all the meetings with the EU leaders he supports Romania’s accession to the Schengen area, arguing it through the fact that he doesn’t accept “a two-phased Europe,” and that Romania “has the right to prosperity as any other EU state.”

In regards to his actions in domestic policy, Iohannis mentions the discussions with the political parties and the relation with Parliament.

“I have asked the political parties for a calendar of the parliamentary session in respect to three big priorities. These are the law on funding the political parties and election campaigns, the law on the voting by correspondence and the simplification of the procedures of parliamentary immunity lifting. (…) Only a deep reform of the political class can guarantee us that we shall never relive the past, as described in the files of the former Securitate,” the head of state said.

At the same time, the President evoked his position on the need to recoup the money lost by the state following corruption deeds, saying that this is a must and that schools and hospitals can be built with this money.

“Parting with the past means an investment in the future. The most powerful laser in Europe is being built in our country. The laser at Magurele will contribute, among others, to the treatment of some incurable diseases and to researches that can save the lives of many people. When I visited the children suffering from cancer at Fundeni Hospital I understood what it truly means not to yield to suffering,” Iohannis also said.

The Presidential Administration further announced that on Tuesday, 19.00 hrs EEST, the Romanian President had scheduled a press conference on the occasion of 100 days passing since taking over the presidential mandate.

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