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January 19, 2021

Radu Pricop, Traian Basescu’s son-in-law heard at DNA as suspect in Lucinschi case

Radu Pricop (photo), former President Traian Basescu’s son-in-law, on Tuesday went to the National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA) for hearings.

Judiciary sources tell Agerpres that he is being heard as a suspected accomplice to the count of blackmail allegedly committed by Sergiu Lucinschi, son of former Moldovan President Petru Lucinschi, currently in the custody of the DNA.

Radu Pricop was earlier believed to have been called for hearings in relation to the “Bratianu Estate” case, in which he is under criminal prosecution.

The DNA took over from the Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT) the “Bratianu Estate” case, in which investigations are being conducted in regards to illegal land restitutions in Arges County, with lawyer Radu Pricop, Traian Basescu’s son-in-law, under criminal prosecution among others.

DIICOT officials confirmed on March 19 for Agerpres that this structure of the Prosecutor’s Office on March 16 declined in favour of the DNA the competency in this case, in which Radu Pricop is also a suspect.

The case was initially opened by the General Prosecutor’s Office, which on May 26, 2014, decided the criminal prosecution procedure in the case of several offenders, among whom Radu Pricop, for committing the offenses of fraud and forgery of documents under private signature.

The media showed that Radu Pricop is said to have bought, together with partners, the inheritance rights for a tract of land from descendants of the Bratianu family.

After winning several trials against the Romanian state, Radu Pricop and his partners garnered damages worth 10 million euro from the National Agency for the Restitution of Property, using false documents, journalists say.

Radu Pricop is married to the eldest daughter of former President Traian Basescu, Ioana.


Sergiu Lucinschi, son of former Moldovan President, detained by DNA


Sergiu Lucinschi, son of former Moldovan President Petru Lucinschi, on Monday night was detained by the National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA) prosecutors, judiciary sources told Agerpres.

The case is instrumented by DNA’s head office and refers to such crimes as influence peddling and blackmail charges, with searches having already been carried out at the defendant’s house in Voluntari, Ilfov County, on Monday.

The same sources reveal that Sergiu Lucinschi illegally claimed a total of 4,000,000 euros from other people over December 2014-March 2015.

The DNA informed on Monday that the prosecutors are currently conducting an investigation into the activity of businessman Sergiu Lucinschi, following suspicions of corruption crimes and crimes assimilated to corruption on his behalf.

“The DNA prosecutors – the Unit for Combating Corruption – is conducting searches in a criminal case involving businessman Sergiu Lucinschi, suspected of having committed a number of corruption crimes and crimes assimilated to corruption, over 2014-March 2015. Thus, on March 30, as soon as it had all the legal warrants it needed, the DNA conducted a house search in the Ilfov County,” showed a release on Monday evening.

The Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) also provided specialist support to the prosecutors in this case.



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