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September 27, 2021

Fugitive MP Marko Attila resigns

UDMR MP Marko Attila has resigned from Parliament on Wednesday. The MP has been in Hungary since December. Marko can now be arrested at the prosecutors’ request, without the need for his fellow MPs’ approval, news channels inform.

The Lower Chamber’s Juridical Commission issued a positive note on Monday on the DNA’s request to approve the detention and preventive arrest of Marko Attila.

DNA prosecutors asked the Chamber last week again to allow the preventive arrest of the fugitive MP. That was the investigators’ second request in this sense.

Thus, the Lower Chamber’s vote on the DNA’s request was scheduled to take place on Wednesday. The DNA had asked Lower Chamber MPs last Thursday to approve the preventive arrest of the UDMR MP for his involved in the ANRP case in which former National Integrity Agency (ANI) Director Horia Georgescu and PNL MP Theodor Nicolescu have also been placed under arrest. Attila is accused of three counts of malfeasance in office. In another case, the Lower Chamber approved his preventive arrest last December. Marko Attila however left the country several weeks before that, his lawyer stating that he has chosen to live in Hungary, considering himself a victim of the Romanian judiciary.


“It was the most difficult decision of my life”


After he resigned, Marko Attila posted a message on his Facebook page, stating that he found it extremely difficult to step down from the office to which he dedicated his entire life.

“Today I resigned from the office of Lower Chamber MP. It was the most difficult decision of my life, to willingly and innocently step down from the work for which I dedicated my whole life,” Marko Attila wrote on Facebook.

Eugen Iordachescu, the resigning MP’s lawyer, pointed out on Antena3 that Marko Attila will also send an official document with his resignation, after a scandal started in Parliament because he sent by e-mail a photograph of his resignation.

“He will send the original resignation. He did not consult me when he took the decision to resign,” Iordachescu stated. “There is no reason not to accept his resignation, they only have to take note of his resignation,” the fugitive MP’s lawyer added.

The legal representative of the resigning MP added that Marko Attila does not plan to return to Romania. “His decision is to remain in Hungary, his reasons for remaining on Hungarian territory are consistent,” the lawyer pointed out, revealing that he met his client in a gas station in Hungary, but not in Budapest. “That is what I decided, in order not to have to travel more,” he said, stating that he does not know Marko Attila’s current address.

At the same time, he pointed out that the prosecutors contacted him several times and asked him to inform Marko Attila that he should show up at the DNA. Iordachescu added that at this moment the DNA has made no overtures in order to bring the resigning MP back to Romania.


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