Basescu denounces ‘Guntanamisation’ of Romania

Traian Basescu has denounced a ‘Guantanamisation’ of Romania, with prosecutors keeping defendants ‘down in the basement’ until they say what the denouncing person said – a similar practice to the Guantanamo one, where terrorism suspects were being kept prisoners ‘until they would say what the CIA officers wanted to hear’. ‘Far too often prosecutors use the idea <I’ll throw you into the basement until you say what the informant said> (…) and I’ll give you the example of Elena Udrea’, Basescu said in a telephone intervention on B1 TV Tuesday night.

Traian Basescu’s intervention came just hours after President Iohannis’ press conference summarising the first 100 days of his term in office, where he spoke about the ‘ugly’ but necessary process of eliminating corruption.


Jokes about rumours suggesting his divorce


Ex-President Traian Basescu finds the strength to make jokes after the press has been suggesting he and his wife, Maria Basescu, were on the verge of a divorce.

‘Come on, I have not been able to get rid of her in 40 years. Is that going to happen now that I’m old? In 40 years of marriage we have not been separated by anything, do you think that we will be separated by a house move? (…) I’ll make her the fairy of the forests here, at Scrovistea’, Traian Basescu said on B1 TV.

‘You can imagine that one has personal belongings in a home. My wife, helped by a lady, packed everything up with her own hands. It took us six days’, Basescu added.

‘In ten years of presidential term plus another five as a mayor, my wife had bilateral meetings with all counterparts and from every single meeting she has a souvenir’, Basescu added.


“Iohannis and Ponta almost kissing on the mouth”


Ex-President Traian Basescu said on the phone during the ‘Ultimul cuvant’ B1 TV programme that Klaus Iohannis’ statement that ‘retirement was good for him’ was, indeed, true, admitting to being retired and ‘posting on Facebook’. However, Basescu says, the president in office cannot be beaten by anyone in Romania when it comes to the number of postings.

‘I can confess to you that I did not watch the statement because today I have finished my house move, so I have much higher concerns regarding an operation where, if you want a comparison, when one divorces his wife, redecorates or moves house, your nerves are stretched to the maximum. I can tell you he said nothing that wasn’t true. I am retired and I do post on Facebook. I retired after 44 years and 6 months of labour. Enough to give one the right to retire. I could grasp a note of contempt of retired persons, that’s a major political mistake. As for posting, God forgive me, but no one in Romania beats Iohannis when it comes to posting. (…) If he posts, this is what he is killing his time with on a wage of RON 6,200, people hired by parties to post messages are paid much less for the same operation’, Basescu said.



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