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September 25, 2021

Elena Udrea, new message from behind bars

Ex-Development and Tourism Minister Elena Udrea, currently remanded in custody awaiting trial, sent a new message through her communication team who posted in on Facebook on Wednesday. From the Bucharest Police lockups, Udrea had a message for those who had said that ex-President Traian Basescu was concerned in the Gala Bute case which put her in orison.

‘So that things are clear for everybody: there is no connection between the case in which Elena Udrea has been arrested and President Traian Basescu. Building a causal relationship is a very low thing to do. Udrea appreciates the confidence of the former president in that she will successfully demonstrate her innocence’, Udrea says.


The former minister shares impressions on her new cell mate.


‘A new cell mate was brought in yesterday: a mother charged for cashing an allowance of RON 3,000 based on false paperwork. The woman went through all the routine humiliation when she was brought in, one of them being the <stroll in handcuffs>. Asking why the handcuffs were needed, the dry answer came back: <because Elena Udrea was taken down from the vehicle without handcuffs and that caused a huge public scandal’. The policemen are scared and forced to continue the <show of the handcuffs> because their superiors, in turn, are scared by the press and public opinion. The lady who was brought into Elena Udrea’s room must have watched hypnotised a few days before that huge show staged in the name of anti-graft fight. However, experiencing directly what it means to be a collateral victim and what abuses may be made, things fundamentally change. Anyone at anytime can become the victim of this media show of huge proportions which they insist on maintaining at any cost. Question: Can anyone explain why a woman who obtained a child rearing allowance of 3,000 lei must be detained and/or arrested? Where is the risk posed to the public? What happens to her children all this time?’ Udrea’s message reads.



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