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December 1, 2021

Mircea Geoana: PSRO to sign governing partnership with PNL

Senator Mircea Geoana stated on Thursday that the Romanian Social Party (PSRO) will sign after Easter a governing partnership agreement with PNL, pointing out that he launches PSRO’s “Social Romania” political project that comes to meet President Iohannis’s national project.

“At this moment we have formed with PNL joint working groups on the governing program that they have launched for public debate, which is in an updated form and to which we contribute with our elements that are specific for a left-wing party, we will resume the structured dialogue with them next week, in order to be able to identify the elements of congruence and differentiation that a left-wing party can bring to a new majority and to a governing program and according to my estimate, without this deadline being rigid, we will be ready (…) to sign a governing partnership agreement between PSRO and PNL after Easter. This is the timetable set with PNL,” Geoana said.

Mircea Geoana pointed out at a press conference that the Romanian Social Party is launching in the public space its political project dubbed “Social Romania,” pointing out that a national project cannot be complete without the left wing’s vision. “PSRO comes to meet the national project launched by the President of Romania. We are forced, as left-wing people, to give a complete response for Romania’s well-being,” Geoana added, pointing out that this project plans “to eliminate extreme poverty in 10 years’ time.”

PNL announced on March 26 that PNL First Vice Presidents Teodor Atanasiu and Catalin Predoiu met the leaders of PSRO in order to hold talks on forming a parliamentary majority, the decision being for both parties to sign a governing agreement if they reach a point of view that they both agree on.


Geoana distances himself from Marian Vanghelie


On Thursday, Senator Mircea Geoana refused to answer the journalists’ questions whether Marian Vanghelie is still a member of the Romanian Social Party (PSRO), pointing out that the party was legally established only a few days ago and its leadership was present in the press conference room.

Repeatedly asked by journalists whether Marian Vanghelie and Oana Mizil are still members of PSRO, Geoana answered: “From a legal standpoint, the party was set up a few days ago, so the ones present here are part of the party’s leadership. PSRO has started out in this structure. Every person capable to have a contribution brought it, and we cannot and it is not nice to deny that, but, obviously, from a purely legal and political point of view this is our party’s leadership team. Read our integrity criteria and you will have all the answers you seek.”

Geoana asked the journalists to read the party’s integrity criteria in order to find the answer to the question on whether Marian Vanghelie is still a member of PSRO.

“I announced the ethical and integrity criteria and there you will have the answer to any question, related to any name. I work by the rules, because a lot of work has been done subjectively, while the rule states extremely clearly who has the right, who no longer has the right to be a member of the party and of its leadership structures,” Geoana added.

When the journalists insisted, Geoana added: “From a legal, juridical point of view, our party was basically set up a few days ago, from a strictly juridical point of view. As preparations, it was active, including with the involvement of colleagues that are not alongside us, and this stage is different from the preparatory stage, the current stage is the stage in which starting a few days ago we are in this leadership structure. My answer is sufficiently explicit.”

Mircea Geoana also pointed out that PSRO has over 20 MPs and is negotiating with other MPs too. District 5 Mayor Marian Vanghelie has been placed under preventive arrest, being accused of malfeasance in office, passive bribery and money laundering in the case concerning the favouring of companies belonging to businessman Marin Dumitru in public work tenders organized by the District 5 Mayoralty.


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